• Beaver County Auto Sales Person of the Month: Johnny Hall

    1. Tell us a little about yourself. I went to Western Beaver High School where I played football for the Golden Beavers. I then studied at Pittsburgh Technical Institute, and earned an associate’s degree in architecture and mechanical engineering and design. I am the proud father of two boys, ages 11 & 16. My hobbies include cars […]

    Marc Grandinetti October 30, 2018
  • Beaver Soup Crawl 2018: Buy Your Tickets Now!

    One of the best events of the fall is coming to downtown Beaver on Saturday, November 3. Small Business Saturday is going to get a sneak preview because Underground Beaver presents the “Beaver Soup Crawl 2018.” For only $20, you can sample soups from 12 different businesses. Not only will you be able to sample […]

    Marc Grandinetti October 26, 2018
  • The MsE Experience at I2SM: Weeks 2 and 3

    I’m beginning to look forward to my Monday afternoon sessions with Coach Shawn Moody at I2SM – International Institute of Sport and Movement. It’s a constant challenge, requiring everything I have both mentally and physically over the course of our 45-50 minute class. In our last two MsE (musculosystematic engineering) sessions, we’ve been focusing on […]

    Marc Grandinetti October 11, 2018
  • The Palms Brazilian Steak House: A Hidden Gem Right in Your Backyard

    This article is brought to you by our friends at Beaver County Auto  Aliquippa, Pennsylvania once hosted the largest steel mill in the world: Jones and Laughlin Steel that stretched 7 miles down the Ohio River.  The huge smoke stacks extended over the hills of Beaver County like the arms of God, spewing flames around the clock, […]

    Eric Fontana October 8, 2018
  • I2SM’s MsE Class: See What Everyone’s Talking About!

    International Institute of Sport & Movement, also known as I2SM (formerly Daman’s Strength Training), is launching a MsE-only class specially designed to focus on the core principles of MsE, or musculosystematic engineering. MsE is an application where you have the ability to recruit as many muscle fibers as possible from a neurological standpoint through self-application. […]

    Marc Grandinetti October 3, 2018
  • Canine Kingdom: Beaver County’s Place to Take Your Pets!

    This article is brought to you by our friends at Beaver County Auto With “Small Business Saturday” only a few days away, what better way to get things started than to highlight one of our newest small businesses, Canine Kingdom?! We love our dogs. My Boston terrier, Caesar, is like my child, as I’m sure so […]

    Marc Grandinetti October 3, 2018
  • The SD Project: Center Native Helps Those in Need

    This story is brought to you by our friends at Beaver County Auto in Chippewa “Heroes are ordinary people that have achieved extraordinary things in life.” – Dave Winfield By that definition, Center Township native, Sam DiMatteo, is a hero. The 30 year-old, former high school and college baseball star, and former professional baseball player, has taken […]

    Marc Grandinetti September 27, 2018
  • Beaver County Dining Deals!

    This article is brought to you by our friends at Beaver County Auto Do you like free money? Do you like dining in Beaver County? If you answered yes to both of those questions, keep reading. A few Beaver County establishments are offering tremendous deals through localflavor.com and Groupon. If you’ve never purchased anything from these […]

    Marc Grandinetti September 25, 2018
  • Beaver County Auto Sales Person of the Month: Phil Clark

    As part of our ongoing, year-long partnership with Beaver County Auto, we will be featuring a sales person of the month. For the month of August, and third time in the past year, the #1 sales person award goes to Phil Clark. This is Phil’s THIRD sales person of the month award this year! We conducted a brief interview with Phil […]

    Marc Grandinetti September 24, 2018
  • The MsE Experience at IISM: Week 1

    We’ve written extensively about the transformation that took place at Daman’s Strength Training in Beaver over the past year. Not only did the name change – it’s now called International Institute of Sport & Movement – they’ve also transformed their teaching methods to a new pedagogy called musculosystematic engineering, or MsE. Musculosystematics is the study […]

    Marc Grandinetti September 17, 2018
  • Fur Babies of BC: Sammie

    Hello! My name is Sammie! My human momma passed away so my siblings and I had to come here. All of my siblings were able to find a loving family except for my sister, Annie, and I. Annie helps me a lot here. I am very scared here so Annie keeps calm. I would love […]

    Marc Grandinetti September 12, 2018
  • Fur Babies of BC: Onyx

    Hello! My name is Onyx. I am a smooth, hunk of love looking for my new family! I was surrendered for not working out in my last home, but frankly, I just wasn’t the happiest there. I would really love a home that is more on the quieter/calmer side, and I acutally live with a […]

    Marc Grandinetti September 10, 2018
  • Fur Babies of BC: Toby

    Hello! My name is Toby. I came to the shelter as a stray, my family had moved and was unable to keep me and my brother any longer. The shelter staff here have been very patient with me as I’ve been adjusting to my new surroundings. The staff have seen that I do take a […]

    Marc Grandinetti September 5, 2018
  • Fur Babies of BC: Grape

    Hi my name is Grape! What an odd name for an all white cat, don’t you think? I got it with good reason; you see, the wonderful lady who saved me from the scary outdoors found me on Concord road, so obviously we couldn’t pass up the chance for a one of a kind name! […]

    Marc Grandinetti August 30, 2018
  • What’s up with the Dutch Ridge Dairy?

    There are a few things that I have in my arsenal of routine, one of which is stopping for coffee on the way to work in the morning.  We have Beaver water which means our coffee pot, regardless of the amounts of vinegar baths it gets, takes 3 hours to finish brewing.  Ok, not reeeally three […]

    Ana Beaverhausen August 27, 2018