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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Hannah Sacco. I am a Beaver County native that has resided in the area for my entire life. I graduated from the Ambridge Area School District and then went on to attend a Pittsburgh-based barber school. I am a licensed Barber Manager and also co-owner of a new local business within the community. Myself, along with co-owner, Crystal Shank (also a Beaver County resident), would like to welcome you to The Local Barbershop.

Opening a Barbershop

When the two of us first envisioned opening a shop, our goal was to achieve unsurpassed service with the classic image of the old time traditional barbershop combining a new modernized flare, while employing top notch licensed barbers. Currently, our barbers have more than 75 years combined experience.

Our long withstanding professional experience gives our customers the knowledge that they will be receiving quality service above all else. The Local Barbershop barbers, Peter Sacco (Harmony Twp.) , Tina Gulish (Harmony Twp.) , and myself (New Sewickley Twp.) take great pride in their profession and have an immense knowledge in every aspect of men’s grooming.

Whether you prefer a traditional mans tapered haircut, a military high and tight, or a temple fade with a line up, we have you covered. The list is endless. With pride in our profession comes great production. That means exceptional haircuts and sharp edged clean shaves to each of our loyal customers.

The Barbershop Tradition

Barbershops within Beaver County, not to mention much of the United States, have become a dying breed. A licensed barber has become harder and harder to come by. As male focused salon chains keep popping up across the United States, it seems that the line has been blurred between the two types of shops (salons and barber shops) and professional careers amongst the male clientele.

Our main goal is to keep the age old tradition of “The Local Barbershop” alive. We offer classic and modern haircuts tailored to men’s styles, hot towel straight razor face shaves, warm lather neck shaves, beard shaping and trimming, friendly conversation between barbers and clients alike, with the nostalgic feeling that comes along with it all. Our hopes are that when walking in, you feel as though you stepped back into a more simple time. When walking out, you feel confident in your fresh well groomed appearance.

Check Out the Shop!

We ask you to please stop by and check out the shop for yourself. If you have never been to a barbershop before you will not be disappointed. The Local Barbershop is the perfect location to have your first experience along with many more to follow. There have been various first time customers that are amazed that we still perform services that some think have been put by the way side. Services performed that are believed to be only seen on TV and movies.

Rest assure that the image in one’s mind of the small town barbershop is still alive. It is The Local Barbershop, LLCs aspiration to keep that tradition alive within Beaver County for many years to come. You will know you have arrived when you see the barber pole spinning outside.

The Local Barbershop barbers Hannah Sacco, Peter Sacco, and Tina Gulish are looking forward to meeting some new faces within the community! For your convenience, the shop is located at 1614 W. State Street Baden, PA. in Northern Lights Shopping Center at the old Mickey’s Barber Shop location. (please note that The Local Barbershop has NO affiliation with Mickey’s Barber Shop)