Two of the most commonly used phrases when if comes to Real Estate in Liberty Hill are “location, location, location” and “they’re not making any more of it.” Both could be used to describe this 111 year old house located right in the heart of downtown Beaver.

It sits right on Bank Street overlooking the park on the Philly Originals/Citizen’s Bank side of town. If you turn down Beaver Street right at Snitger’s Bicycle Shop and then turn right onto Bank Street you will be there.

That means that anyone who calls this place home will be within walking distance of just about everything that makes life in downtown Beaver great.


So what is a five bedroom, five bathroom house that is pushing 4,000 square feet on the right side of Third Street doing on the market at only $370,000?

Well…that’s the kicker. It doesn’t look like much of anything has been updated for years. So this is definitely not a house that Mrs. YBC would fall in love with.

She needs a finished product.┬áMe on the other hand…I see the potential.


Obviously, there is a lot of work that is going to need to be done to bring this house up to modern standards, but with all of the space available, the finished product could really be something special.

And since whoever buys it would be taking on a project, they would get to make all of the decisions to customize the home to their liking.


This might not be the kitchen of your dreams, but you simply can’t deny the amazing amount of space available here…and the fact that you can take the time to turn that space into just about any vision you might have for it.


Mrs. YBC definitely wouldn’t go for a dedicated pool table space, but she probably would be alright with making this huge attic area into a spacious office. But then again, why bother even having an office when we’d be living so close to my real office: Starbucks in Beaver!

There is no doubt that buying this house means taking on an enormous project, but taking on that project opens up a world of possibilities…and profits.

The listing agent, Gretchen Kelly, knows the downtown Beaver market as well as anyone. And I bet she would agree that with the right updates, this house could easily be worth close to a million dollars.

If you’d like to check out this amazing and historic mansion for yourself, just fill out your contact info below and we’ll have one of our partner agents get in touch with you!

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