There are a few things that I have in my arsenal of routine, one of which is stopping for coffee on the way to work in the morning.  We have Beaver water which means our coffee pot, regardless of the amounts of vinegar baths it gets, takes 3 hours to finish brewing.  Ok, not reeeally three hours but you KNOW it feels like it.. especially without coffee. My coffee needs to be Hallowed Grounds.  See? I write about stuff that I actually  believe in.. It’s not just fiddlefaddle coming out of my brain, you know!

Well, maybe a little of the faddle…

Anyway. My route to work takes me directly past Battaglia’s Dutch Ridge Dairy where they have served me (and probably others too.. ha) my dear Hallowed Grounds joe. Ahh.  But yikes.  What the heck is up with that place? It’s closed.  THERE IS NO COFFEE BREWING! I needed to reach out to Jessica the owner to figure out what in the happy horsecucka was happening and WHEN I could expect my morning coffee back. My routine needs it..  sad face Is it for sale? Is someone buying it?  I needed to know… and I also want to pass the info on to you in hopes that someone will bring my morning cuppa joe back.

Here is what she had to say……..

“When I closed the doors June 1st, I thought I had a buyer. That didn’t work out, but I didn’t even sweat it.  I moved on to the next person on my list (there were 5 potential buyers at that point).  Numbers 2 and 3 on my list didn’t work out either.  There are two major phases to buying a business.  The dreamer phase, where you think of all the potential and the possibilities, what you’d keep what you wouldn’t, what you’d add to make it better than before- and then the ‘getting your finances together’ phase, which is where things get real. Applying for licenses, putting together a business plan… this is where it seems like people start to get cold feet.

I just got the news that the most recent potential buyer wasn’t moving forward so I haven’t moved onto the next person on the list yet, but I will approach all parties who have expressed interest. I even have collected a few more names since the store has been closed. My issue now is..  I just want to move on. I am working again, and quite frankly it’s just time for someone else to be in there and me to be done with this. I am offering the store at an extremely reasonable price – just a little over half of what I paid for it!I bought the store for $80,000 plus the cost of any remaining inventory. After factoring in the costs of that inventory, I purchased the store for $92,000.00. I started off asking $60,000 but my last interested party got me down to $52,000, so I guess I can leave the number there.  I am already taking a $40,000.00 loss, however I may be willing to negotiate that price if I were approached by a buyer who didn’t need to obtain financing from a 3rd party, and could move through the licensing process quickly.It’s a great opportunity for someone who wants to try starting a business themselves.

I own everything but the roof and the walls. The larger ticket items that I own are the furnace, the air conditioner, the hot water tank, the 7 door walk in cooler, the Broaster Pressure deep fryer, the ventilation system, the 3 bin commercial sink, the small handwashing sink, 4 upright freezers and 1 display chest freezer, the stove, a small pizza oven, a microwave, the the countertops, shelving, the 8” deli case, and a Hobart slicer. There are lot of small things too… display merchandise, things like filter paper for the fryer, the waxed paper used in the deli, deli bags… coffee cups, coffee filters… The ONLY thing in that store that is NOT mine is the coffee machine and grinder. That is owned by the Hallowed Grounds, and Kathy will be happy to leave it for anyone who purchases their coffee from her. I’d recommend it too.  I never had anyone complain about the coffee! I’m sure I forgot to list a bunch of things, but I will be happy to walk through the store and go through every little thing with an interested buyer.”

Well, there you have it then.  A fantastic location and business opportunity for you! Dutch Ridge Road is zoned residential so there is seriously no potential competition.  Plus you have the Hospital, Friendship Ridge, the Francis Farmer apartments that you used to deliver to, the school, and the Shell offices that is in the old Michael Baker Building! Just please, promise me that you’ll use Hallowed Grounds.. Please?

Fill out the form below and we will get your information over to Jessica!

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