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Over the past few years, there has been an explosion in the popularity of food trucks across the country. We have always been a nation infatuated with street vendors, and lately we have seen incredible growth in the quality of the food offered by many of our country’s food trucks.

Until recently, that popularity had not yet touched Beaver County. Matt and Kenda Daubenspeck, who make their home in downtown Monaca, decided to change that. You can now spot their Food Fight Truck in a number of different locations around Beaver County throughout the week serving some crazy good tacos and other healthy lunch options.

Kenda’s Motivational Story

However, their story doesn’t begin with the decision to start a food truck business in Beaver County. It goes much further back than that. Way before the Food Fight Truck was ever even an idea, Kenda was an incredibly stressed out professional with way to much sugar in her diet. She encountered a number of health issues and was beginning to lose hope that she would ever feel healthy again.

As a last ditch effort, she decided to visit with an alternative medicine doctor who suggested that she change her diet. As she slowly began to remove sugar, caffeine, gluten, and dairy products from her diet, Kenda noticed that she began to feel better. It was not a short process, but over the course of a few years she was able to finally begin to feel healthy again.

With her newly regained health being a product of her new diet, Kenda set out to share her experience with as many people as possible. In order to do this, she went back to school and was trained as a Certified Health Coach to help others improve on the decisions they make about what they put into their own bodies.

Beaver County Food Truck

The Food Fight Truck

So what does a newly healthy Certified Health Coach with a fresh outlook on diet do to spread her message? The answer for Kenda was to start selling the great new healthy foods she had embraced. The Daubenspecks began to talk about the possibility of opening up their own cafe, but neither of them had any formal restaurant experience. This caused them to gravitate towards the concept of a food truck, which seemed a bit simpler at the time. (They both agree that they underestimated what they were getting themselves into!)

As they began to explore options for putting together a new food truck operation, Matt and Kenda discovered that they would need to make a decision between purchasing a food vending trailer or a food truck. The food vending trailer might have been a more economical option, but Matt insisted that it would have given their new business too much of a carnival vibe. They both agreed that a food truck would be more appropriate for serving their healthy creations.

The other consideration that Matt raised was that the food needed to taste great. He doesn’t share Kenda’s dietary restrictions, so eating healthy is purely a choice for him. In order for him to make healthy choices, the healthy food needs to taste every bit as good as the unhealthy alternative he is asking himself to bypass. This made him the perfect test customer!

With Matt being such a strong advocate for their food to taste great and Kenda insisting that it be as healthy and organic as possible, the Daubenspecks were prone to arguments about their potential menu items. Those debates resulted in an obvious idea for the name of their truck: Food Fight!

They took this idea of a Food Fight and ran with it. Their logo contains a halo on one side representing good choices, and a pitchfork on the other side representing not-so-healthy choices. We all struggle with making good food choices, but when it comes to the Food Fight Truck, we don’t have to worry about it!

The Food Fight Truck Menu

Over the course of our interview, I found out that I have a lot in common with Matt when it comes to my food choices. I’m all for eating healthy, but it has to taste every bit as good as the unhealthy alternative or I’m not interested. I can honestly say that the menu from the Food Fight Truck meets and exceeds those taste requirements.

On my first trip to the Food Fight Truck, I tried one of everything. I ordered a Chicken Taco, Black Bean Taco, Lamb Burger, Organic Quinoa Salad, and Black Beans & Rice. I was blown away.

While I expected that the tacos and burger would be delicious, I was shocked to find that I liked the Organic Quinoa Salad and Black Beans & Rice just as much. I have never been big on beans, rice, or quinoa, but as it turns out, I had just never had them properly prepared. This stuff was great.

Beaver County Food Truck

The Food Fight Truck Mission

While the food truck business model is fascinating and Kenda’s personal health story is very motivational, the most interesting part of this interview for me was the way that Matt and Kenda described the mission of their Food Fight Truck.

They explained to me that they generally find themselves working events where they are the only healthy option available. The Food Fight Truck doesn’t compete against other health food vendors, they compete against vendors selling hotdogs and cheese fries. They go to places where people may have never even heard of quinoa and attempt to convince them that it can be a choice worth making. They are getting people to expand their horizons and change their diets, one taco at a time.

If you are interested in learning more about the Food Fight Truck or want to find out where you can catch them to try their fantastic food, check out their Facebook page for the most up-to-date schedule information!

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