Backdoor Taver Fish Sandwich

Fish Sandwiches are serious business. Sure, they’re all everyone can talk about during Lent, but most restaurants have their own version of this staple food on their menus year round, too. A good deep-fried fish sandwich is something I always look for when I’m somewhere new, and I’m always looking for the best one. Done correctly a fish fry is near perfection and something that makes my mouth water thinking about it.

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All About the Fish Sandwich

So what is it about a fish sandwich that’s so great? Is it the breading? What about the type of fish itself? The truth is that it’s everything together than makes a fish sandwich so great. While the toppings vary from one place to another, the basics are pretty simple. You start with a giant piece of breaded white fish, put it on some form of bread (I prefer buns over slices) and serve it up with tarter sauce, cocktail sauce, and some side dishes.

A great fish dinner normally consists of coleslaw and French fries, too. This rounds the meal out to truly gluttonous proportions, so you either need a huge appetite or a friend to help you out.

The Best Fish Sandwich in Beaver County?

Choosing the best fish sandwich in Beaver County is a tough one, which is why I’m not attempting that at all. Instead, I asked around and the general consensus is that two of the best in the area are Bowser’s in Monaca and The Back Door Tavern in New Brighton (Fallston).

These are my own personal two top choices, so I think they’re a great place to start. I’m sure you have your own favorite, but between these two, let’s see who has the better fish sandwich. Make sure you leave your favorite fish sandwich in the comments so we can try some new ones, too.

The Back Door Tavern


First up is the Back Door Tavern in Fallston. I’ve been a fan of the food at the Back Door far before I was allowed to drink there, and for good reason. Sure, it’s not fine dining by any means, but the food is always great and for your money I find it hard to get more food that’s just as good.

When it comes to fish sandwiches themselves, the one from The Back Door is one to behold. First, it’s huge. The sandwich comes in a small or large size, with the small being a larger fish sandwich than you’ll find almost anywhere, and a large basically being two of those pieces of fish on one bun.

Their breading is outstanding and the fish always comes out golden and delicious. The one thing lacking here however are the sides. You have to come in on Fridays to get the full fish dinner including mac and cheese, making the rest of the week fall a little short on sides.


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The Bowser’s Restaurant fish sandwich is the stuff of legends during Lent in Beaver County. Bowser’s handles so many fish sandwiches on Fridays during Lent that they usually open early to handle the extra work involved with them.

The cod is prepped with a special batter then breaded and deep fried in fresh oil to give the fish a golden color and amazing taste. I find the fish at Bowser’s a little less crispy than the backdoor, but in a good way that’s due to the type of breading used.

When it comes to the fish dinners though, Bowser’s has everyone topped. You can get the fish dinner any time day or night and it’s always great. Creamy coleslaw and French fries go alongside the sandwich that you can get on bread or a bun.

Which Fish Sandwich is Better?

This is the point when people usually start arguing. I can honestly say that neither of these sandwiches are better than the other, as I’ve been enjoying them both for years and continue to do so.

I will say that given an even choice, I will usually pick The Back Door Tavern over Bowser’s for their fish sandwich, but usually only if it’s on a Friday and I can get all the sides.

The service at Bowser’s however is far better, and their order accuracy is always spot-on, so you’re always certain to get exactly what you wanted, especially if you’re looking for a to-go order.

Either way, both sandwiches are amazing and you can’t lose by getting either of them. I’m interested which of these two you like better. Leave your vote in the comments below.

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