The team at Underground Beaver has been crushing events in town the last few months! Starting off with November’s Soup Crawl and continuing with last week’s Cookie Crawl, upwards of 500 people have mosied the streets and stores, eating and enjoying the events and all that town has to offer.  Next up, after the holiday craziness calms and life goes into the dull days of winter, perk up your weekend with Comfort Food!

Gravy and cheese and pasta, oh my!

The town will be oozing coziness and comfort on January 5th, come rain or sleet or snow or, as unlikely as it might be, sun.  Just like the last two events, you will need to prepurchase a ticket before the day of the event! The last two have completely sold out. If you want tickets, I would suggest you get them and you get them soon.

Much like the last two events, the day will go as follows: Sign in at Don’s or Herban Touch. Get map. Wander around town, eating and shopping.  Leave with a warm heart and happy belly. The end. Easy peasy.

You can purchase tickets in person at Don’s Deli or Herban Touch, OR visit the new and still under construction website here

Hope you can make it! And yes, you CAN wear a Snuggie.  Zero judgement zone for the entire day!

Check out the event on Facebook HERE