Hey guys. It’s been a minute or 45,761,892 since I have written anything for your reading pleasure. Stuff of Pulitzers, I know… You probably had nowhere to turn for your daily drivel! I do apologize.. but I’m back, baby! I’m back!

Here is what I am writing about today. The team at Underground Beaver has approached me about sharing ticketing and general information about the crawls that they organize over the last few weeks. They are the creative geniuses behind the Soup Stroll, the Cookie Crawl, and most recently… the COMFORT FOOD CRAWL. It was TDF…

Next up for them is the Sweet Stroll happening on February 2nd. You and a guest of your choice will stroll through quaint Beaver, filling a box with sweet treats. Also on tap for this day is live entertainment speckled in and around the shops so you can enjoy even the chilly walk between sweets! I can picture the convos now…

‘Hey Barb, are you cold?’
‘Cold? No, I don’t know anything about being cold…. But check out this balloon animal and whoa! Did that guy just pull a rabbit out of his hat!?!’

Aaaaand this is what I am writing about. Talent. Skillz. Do you have them? Do they pay your billz? If so, we want to hear from you about participating.

Underground Beaver is looking for talent to play, perform, draw, sing.. just to be talented and awesome for everyone to see! Fill out this form and someone will be in contact to discuss the February event and other upcoming events!!

BC's Got Talent

Talent search for UB