The “3 Week Program” allows you as the curious member to find a facility that fits your needs!

Over the 3 week program you are able to attend 3 sessions per week. That’s 9 total sessions during a 3 week span!

Our program is typically $97 for the entire 3 weeks!

Call now and receive your 3 week program for $47!

During this 3 week program you’ll work with all 5 of our coaches and experience how we structure our programs to help you reach your goals!

“The deciding factor was definitely the coaches and the quality of the workouts. The coaches are excellent.”


How are The Classes Run?

  1. Each class begins with a coach running a complete warm up.
  2. Following the warm-up the coach takes the class to the workout board and breaks down the session.
  3. The class begins the session.
  4. The coach / coaches continue to make sure each member is training correctly.
  5. As a new member we will modify for you as the workout continues to ensure you have a great experience and remain injury free!

What is the Class Schedule?

Our class times vary from early mornings to late evenings and the schedule is open for you to attend as needed!

You do not have to come to the safe days and times each week. You have the flexibility to attend the class days and time that fit you needs!

“I just completed the 3 week program and I couldn’t be happier with my results. In 3 weeks I have lost 10 pounds, feel stronger and I’m so much more energized”.

Call Now to Reserve Your Spot for Our 3 Week Program / Rick: 724-601-1693

DST Progressive Fitness Program


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