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It finally feels like autumn now, and there’s something about the chill in the air that draws people to odd and spooky places. Just a short drive from Beaver County, there are five odd attractions you’ve probably never heard of.

1.     Living Dead Museum

If you’ve ever driven down Evans City’s Main Street, you’ve likely noticed one of the shops is not quite like the others. Nestled in this quiet town center is the Living Dead Museum. The location might seem strange, but it’s actually the original filming location of the 1968 horror film, Night of the Living Dead. The museum highlights the zombie’s place in film and pop culture throughout history. Not fully convinced? There’s also a zombie-themed gift shop.

121 East Main Street

Evans City, Pennsylvania, 16033


2.     World’s Largest Teapot

Not spooky exactly, but strange? Oh, yes. The world’s largest teapot sits between US 30 and the Chester exit ramp in Chester, WV. In its first life, the teapot was a large keg advertising Hire’s Root Beer in Pennsylvania. In 1938, William Devon purchased the keg and brought it to Chester, where he added the spout and handle. For the next fifty years, the teapot was used off and on as a concession stand and souvenir shop under various owners. By 1987, the teapot had fallen into disrepair and was donated to the City of Chester. The city council voted in 1990 to fund its restoration.

Co Hwy 30/6

Chester, West Virginia, 26034


3.     Peoples Mortuary Museum

Behind the Marietta Chapel of the Cawley and Peoples Funeral Home, a small museum displays preserved hearses dating back to 1895, antique embalming equipment, caskets, and various other embalming and funeral memorabilia from the early 1900s. One of the museum’s hearses, a 1927 Henney, was featured in the movie, “Get Low,” starring Bill Murray and Robert Duvall.

408 Front Street

Marietta, OH 45750


4.     Mars Flying Saucer

Amid rumors and sightings of crop circles and UFOs in 1990, a large silver UFO appeared in downtown Mars, PA. Constructed out of two oil drums, the UFO weighs in at an impressive 3,000 pounds. Despite its weight, the saucer has been known to move to various locations and is sometimes painted different colors.

100 Pittsburgh Street

Mars, Pennsylvania

5.     Fountain of Youth

In the Wexford woods near North Park, a 1930’s stone arch protects the entrance of an abandoned spring house. A large stone disk with the words “Fountain of Youth” is placed above it. While the spring is still flowing, it hasn’t been declared a safe water source since 1955.

10100-10170 Kummer Rd

Wexford, Pennsylvania, 15090

Know of another odd attraction to add to the list? Let me know in the comments!


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