Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe

Beaver County has always been unique in its own right, and certainly a great place to call home. It is built upon its rugged landscape and defined by the hard work of its people.

We have immense pride and nothing can compare to what we call home. Everyone can identify with something on this list, and many of us can be described by everything on this list!

Here are 10 signs that you might be from Beaver County:

10. Hills Is Still Your Favorite Store


Before the days of corporate titans like Wal-Mart and Target, Beaver County was home to a few regional based department stores known as Hills. It was the best store around, and somewhat of a legend when it came to their catchy toy slogan, and their more than memorable snack bar.

If you close your eyes and use your imagination…you can smell the popcorn and hear, “Hills is where the toys are.”

9. Ethnic Clubs Were a Key Part of Your Childhood

Lebanese Club

Beaver County is a very unique melting pot of proud people, and nothing represents that more than our abundance of ethnic social clubs. A ton of these clubs are still around and have become historical landmarks, paying respect to the old country, and what these proud people left behind. 

8. County Festivals Are More Than Just Dates On Your Calendar


We have a deep love for our Beaver County festivals that most outsiders don’t understand. Every year we count down the days as we patiently wait for our favorite festival to arrive.

We tell our children about all of the great traditions, and how important it is to keep them going. A nearly century old Italian celebration, or standing in line for over an hour for pancakes may seem odd to some people, but to us…it’s who we are.   

7. French Fries on Your Salads 


When you hear about French Fries on a salad, you can’t help but hear about Pittsburgh. No matter how hard they’re claiming to be the birthplace of French Fries on salads, we all know Beaver County, specifically Chips II and the Hilltop, had a firm hand in perfecting this local food phenomenon.

We’ve been making salads unhealthy and delicious since who knows when.

6. Hank’s and Jerry’s Curb Service Part of Your Balanced Diet 

Dorsey Burger

To outsiders Hank’s and Jerry’s are just places to fill-up on food. But for us, they are places we hold close to our hearts.

Memories of a childhood that seems so distant can be brought back instantly with a visit to one of these legendary joints. On a cool summer evening, nothing beats a trip to Hank’s or Jerry’s.

5. You Grew Up With a Nuclear Power Plant in Your Backyard


Photo Credit: Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Long before the Simpsons made it cool, we had a Nuclear Power Plant to call our own. Beaver County is home to the United States first full-scale Nuclear Power Plant. Evacuation routes and nuclear fallout drills were a part of growing up. 

4. You Debate the Best Pizza More Than Politics


We can all agree that Beaver County is #1 when it comes to Pizza. What we can’t agree on is who’s at the top of that long list of legends.

It can be a touchy subject and fuel some nasty arguments. It ends friendships and divides households. What can we say, we definitely love our Pizza!

3. You Know at Least One Person Who Worked at J&L


In the height of the American Steel Boom, J&L Aliquippa Works employed thousands of Beaver County residents. And everyone has someone in their family, or knows someone who once made a life working at J&L.

Stories of the blast furnace was a part of growing up. History was made while riding this industrial tidal wave.   

2. High School Football is a Way of Life

WPIAL Playoffs Semifinals

High School Football in Beaver County is a serious matter. With trophy cases filled across the county, it’s obvious we know a thing or two about winning.

Namath, Ditka, and Dorsett – this list goes on and on, and is nothing short of impressive. Football Friday nights in Beaver County are a way of life.

1. You Have an Unhealthy Love for the Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe

Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe

A sure fire way to spot someone from Beaver County is their love for the Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe. It’s the #1 stop for home visits, and the food gets better the older you get.

Most of us can’t remember the last time we looked at a menu, because we’ve had the same order since we were a kid. It’s the mother of all Beaver County staples!

A lifelong resident of Beaver County – with a taste for good food and delicious craft beer. He has a special place in his heart for all of the neglected and mistreated dogs in the world. Corey spends all of his free time enjoying the outdoors with his wife, daughter, and locally famous Boston Terrier – who can be found here on Instagram.