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Rick Daman, owner of Daman Strength Training in Monaca, is one of the most prominent voices on the health, wellness, and personal fitness scene right here in Beaver County. Rick is extremely positive, encouraging, and knowledgeable, and impacts the lives of those he coaches.

In this edition, Rick and I wanted to explain to our readers, in particular the women who read Your Beaver County, why lifting weights helps women look and feel better.


1. Why is it important for women to strength train?

Moving the body on a daily basis is important. Americans are said to be the most “non-active” people in the world. Sitting on average, 10 to 12 hours a day. That’s not good.

We all have to work to fight the aging process. There is nothing we can do to stop it, but we can tell ourselves we’re slowing it down!

I’m not going to bore you with health facts from Google. Instead, I’m going to tell you what I see on a daily basis with women and strength training.

Any woman over 30 years old that I have in our program has always been told that “lifting weights” is bad. They say they have lifted in the past but “only use 10 pound dumb bells” or machines.

When someone or many people tell you for such a long period of time to “NOT” do something, you start to believe them. It’s our job as a coaching staff to guide them to a better understand why our approach works!

The importance of strength training for women is endless.

The top reasons are that women become extremely mentally motivated, have an increase in confidence, lose the body fat and become leaner by the day! Lastly, mothers who care about their bodies will most certainly have a profound impact on their daughters to respect and care for their bodies into adulthood!


2. How many women train at DST? What percentage of your clientele are women?

We have quite a few members who are women.

We have 75 women who train in our boot camp program and also train in our adult groups. That does not include the female athletes we coach on a weekly basis.

Our female athletes consist of around 30 athletes each week. Our female members make up close to 60% of our clientele.


3. What are the age ranges of women who train at DST?

We have all age ranges. We have always had a great blend of age ranges training in our facility.

Our adult programs have women in each age bracket. We have 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 year-old women who train on a daily basis.


4. What programs do you offer women at DST?

Our biggest program we offer in our facility is our boot camp program. Our boot camp program has been very successful and inspiring for many members over the past 4 years

Our second location for this program is run out of a gymnasium located in the back of the Beaver Valley Auto Mall (Old Circuit City Building).

The biggest thing the boot camp does for women is it gets them moving, and moving a lot! We teach the skills of strength training through this program.

We run kettle bell and sandbag workshops for newest members as well as build other skills.

It’s a very encouraging program run by our boot camp director, Coach Mary Futato. She does a fine job at running the program on a daily basis.

We use so many different training tools in the boot camp. We do body weight training, kettle bell training, sandbag training, TRX straps, boxing, drag sleds, battle ropes, jump roping, and the list goes on!

Lindsay, an Aliquippa resident and DST member, had this to say about Mary Futato and the boot camp program:

At first, it was a challenge. But once I started becoming more fit Rick and Mary started pushing me more. Before I knew it I was on a 50 pound sand bag and a 30 pound kettle bell. Boot camp was so important because I have never lifted like that before. It enabled me to learn proper technique and form. I also got pushed to go harder every day. Mary is tough on people. She knows who can do more and I love her for that.


We also offer more advanced classes at our home base facility in downtown Monaca.

This is where the women can learn how to properly use barbells. The biggest misconception when a member from boot camp wants to come to a class and train with barbells is that they think it will be too hard.

They soon find out that it’s all about the skills they have learned at boot camp that have prepared them for training with a barbell.

If you are taught properly on each and every movement you will progress. The transition from every sand bag movement we do in boot camp translates easily to all barbell movements we teach them.

The adult programs are mixed groups of men and women. The workouts are programmed over four week blocks. Every four weeks the programs change and the member learns something new in their training.


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5. Do the women you train complete the same exercises as men?

I have seen more women be able to make a faster transition to a barbell movement for various reasons.

Women have overall more flexibility and do not have the muscle mass men do, so this allows women to have a faster carry-over in barbells.

They aren’t as stiff and have way less restrictive areas such as upper back flexibility and hip mobility.

The tool you use is important for the movement you select. It’s NOT always just about doing an exercise. People see others doing an exercise and immediately think they are capable of doing the same movement.

They probably can do the same movement to perfection but the tool they use (dumb bell, kettle bell, sandbag or barbell) may have to be different.

You can do the same exercise but the movement has to be correct from a bio-mechanics stand point and this is why the tool you use or start with is vital to your continued success.

Rochester resident and DST member Pam Barnes discussed her journey at DST and what it’s like lifting with the barbell:

I never lifted weights in my life other than hand weights.  Being introduced to barbell training has been empowering.  I’m so proud of me when I reflect on what I do with a barbell.  I’m not afraid because I have coaches that spot me and don’t make me do anything I’m uncomfortable with.  Safety is always key and of first priority.  My favorite barbell training is squats because they work the areas that need it most at my age!   Squats are squats, but squats with weight is a whole different story, and that story is results!


6. What are the goals of the women who train at DST?

The goals behind our members are very different across the board. You have members who want to lose inches, lose more body fat, get back to a certain dress or pants size and then you have the members who want to become the best version of themselves.

The goals at the beginning of the program compared to four to six months later have all changed. They go from ONLY thinking physical appearance to understanding the balance of a healthy life and the carry over into their families!


7. What are some initial obstacles women must overcome when it comes to strength training?

With the success I have seen over the past five years with women in our program the biggest obstacle by far has to be the mental block correlated with foods and training.

Many times women fear food. They fear they are eating too much, too many calories and they don’t want to get fat.

They also have to get past believing that weights make women bulky.

What makes anyone and women bulky is not moving enough, eating meals high in sugar, processed foods and NOT training.

When members keep chipping away at nutrition and training they will eventually see all of the benefits behind a balanced nutritional diet and a complete training program!

Daman Strength Training is using tried and true methods that are working for their clients. Are you ready get on board?


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Marc is a lifelong resident of Beaver County. A 2001 graduate of Center High School and 2005 graduate of Point Park University, Marc is employed by the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School and officiates high school and college football. Follow Marc on Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram @marcgrando