Cheesy Bacon Amazing Fries

We all have our specialties here at YBC. Marc loves ice cream. Ana is a sucker for Beaver Bagel Co. Brian is Mr. Craft Beer. And believe it or not, Corey actually has a cheeseburger tattooed on his body.

I like to think of myself as fairly well-rounded when it comes to my taste buds, but the one thing I can’t ever seem to pass up is great french fries.

Whether we are talking thin cut fries from the Hot Dog Shoppe, seasoned curly fries from Bert’s Wooden Indian, gravy-soaked fries from Maple’s, or those unreal Cheesy Bacon Amazing Fries at The Ball Joint, I have a hard time passing up any type of spud.

I even love the non-french fry spuds like taters from Harold’s Inn, red skins from Tinitique, and those delicious baked potatoes you can get at Soup-Herb Sproutz.

Yep. Me and potatoes go way back. We’re pretty tight.

Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe

My Love Affair with Potatoes

I can’t think of the exact time or place that I actually fell in love with French fries, but I would venture to guess it had something to do with a McDonald’s Happy Meal. Then I found the Big Mac Xtra Value meal and things got really interesting.

Then there was a particular trip to Kennywood where I discovered this amazing place called the Potato Patch. Wow. Cheese. Fries. Vinegar. Yikes.

I also have fond memories of Chili Cheese Fries from the Hot Dog Shoppe in Aliquippa on Sunday mornings! (Speaking of businesses we miss….)

Things got really interesting for me when I found myself at a Center Stage dance somewhere around middle school and stumbled into this place called Bowser’s that served fresh-cut fries.

There was no point fighting it after that. Me and French fries were going to be lifelong partners in crime.

Dorsey Burger

Beaver County French Fries

One of the best things about living in Beaver County is that there are tons of crazy delicious options for just about any type of French fry craving.

Here are some of my favorite options (alphabetical order so I don’t skew anyone’s opinions):

  • The Ball Joint – The Cheesy Bacon Amazing Fries are mind-blowing.
  • BeauCo Bistro – This is the spot for Sweet Potato Fries.
  • Bert’s Wooden Indian – Two options here, curly or straight. Both are delicious.
  • Bocktown Beer & Grill – More toppings than you can keep up with here.
  • Bowser’s Restaurant – My home base. Extra crispy with Sriracha!
  • Harold’s Inn – Taters might not be fries, but they’re good enough to make the list anyways!
  • Heirloom Restaurant – Such a unique version of a French fry!
  • Hollywood Gardens – It’s all about the Rochester Hot Sauce for dipping fries here!
  • Hot Dog Shoppe – Chili Cheese Fries. A Beaver County Staple.
  • Jerry’s Curb Service – Another Beaver County Staple. Best in the business.
  • Kelly’s Riverside Saloon – Chips with that horseradish dip. Yes!
  • The Maple Restaurant – Smothered in the best gravy out there.
  • Philly Originals – The spicy cheese sauce is the attraction for me here.
  • PJ’s BBQ – I love BBQ sauce….this combination of seasoning and sauce is mind blowing.
  • Soup-Herb Sproutz – I dig the Sour Cream, Chive, & Bacon Baked Potato.
  • Thursday’s – Chips with that awesome dill sauce!
  • Tinitique – Again, not really fries, but still fantastic.
  • Z-Pub – As far as thin, fresh-cut fries go, these are top-notch.

Maple Restaurant Hot Beef

Time to Cast Your Vote!

I want to put together an entire series profiling each of the Top 10 French Fries in Beaver County. But it wouldn’t be fair to just use my own opinion to vote on who makes the list.

I need your help.

Fill out the form below and let me know who you think has the top 3 French fries around. And feel free to add more options in the explanation section!

Once we collect enough opinions, I plan to do a full article discussing what makes each of the Top 10 places so great! So make sure to get your vote in!

Voting has officially closed for this contest. Stay tuned for the results…

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