It started with a technological glitch causing the YBC website to go down for, oh, three weeks or so? Want to know what that glitch was??  It was that the credit card on file had expired and I had lost my password.



A lost password turned into three weeks of constant phone calls, emails, help chats, smoke signals, pigeon-carried notes, and attempted ESP messages to customer service of not one, no not even two, but three different companies.  One even told me that I was going to need a court order to get the password.  I mean, I know what we do over here is uber important, but court order? Seems excessive.

Finally, after much frustration, the password was reset and the credit card was updated, and we are back! So to that I say.. HI GUYS!! MISSED YOU!

As I was looking through some of the older content I realized…. we need to update this stuff!  A lot of our older content focuses on businesses that are no longer with us. We had awesome weekly Friday Five articles but they need redone. They all need redone!

This is where you come in! Are you someone that likes to write, eat and take pictures? Because we might need to meet.  We need a new Top Five Reuben article! We need a new Top Five Pizza article! We NEED a Top New Restaurants article!!

I’ll be working on these as well, because I am on the hunt for this area’s most delicious bowl of soup. It’s a tough job, but I’m goin’ in.

As always, thanks to our sponsor, Beaver County Auto!  Best deals in the Valley.  Tell’em YBC sent ya.

-Ana B.