Daman’s Strength Training’s “Fit Moms” program has literally exploded in popularity in 2016. We have received a record number of requests to participate in the next two installments of this amazing program that Rick Daman and his coaches offer at the Beaver facility.

But you can’t talk about the “Fit Moms” program without talking about two of Daman’s most successful members who really are ‘fit moms’ – Cheryl Copcutt and Heidi Devlin. These two ladies have been crushing it at DST for a long time, and they’ve reaped (and continue to reap) the benefits of being members of the best gym in Beaver County.

Copcutt and Devlin are friends who enjoy working out together. They’re both over the age of 50, look great, and move really well. Rick Daman told me, “They’re both very dedicated. They come Monday’s for open gym, Tuesday’s, Thursday’s and Saturday’s at 5:15 am. It’s not coincidence they look so fit. It requires dedication.” Daman also described them as “very loyal, fun people, into being and staying fit and young.” Your Beaver County and our friends at DST want to tell their story so that they can be an inspiration to others.


Copcutt lives in Beaver with her husband. She’s a mother, first and foremost, a yogi, and an avid runner. “Working out at DST has given me the strength and energy to successfully do all three,” Copcutt said.

Working out while most people are asleep isn’t for everyone, but it works for Copcutt. “Taking the 5 am class works best with my busy schedule. I typically start work around 7 am and I’m going non-stop until 7 or 8 at night. Beginning each day with the 5 am DST class is a great start to my day.”

Copcutt knows she’s not getting younger, and is therefore working harder than ever to stay ahead of the curve to live a healthier life. Working out at DST has helped her achieve her goals. “As I get older I’m finding myself more aware of my physical health, and working out at DST has helped me reach and maintain my physical fitness goals, including better dietary decisions. I can’t say enough about Rick, Mary, and Brian. They challenge me and push me to strive for more.”


Devlin, like Copcutt, is a devoted member of DST. Devlin lives in Beaver with her husband and two daughters. Her oldest daughter is also a member of DST, but on much different terms after suffering a traumatic brain injury. The coaches at DST have adapted the workouts to her ability, and has shown continued progress in her strength, endurance and balance.

Devlin and Copcutt are like a team when they’re at the gym. Devlin said, “One of the keys to my consistency is having someone to keep me accountable.  It seems that all of the ladies have found that as well, either one person or a group. Cheryl is and has been a huge inspiration to me since the first time I saw her running down the street several years ago. She keeps me going and is always a source of levity in the midst of a butt-kicking workout.”

I asked Devlin how she incorporates such a consistent workout routine into her schedule. “The wide range of times make it very easy to attend consistently.  For me, the early morning work outs are perfect and a great way to start the day.  If I miss a workout it is never a problem to make it up at some point.”

Daman Strength Training has been a life-changer for Devlin, even going so far as to call working out there an “addiction.” She gave an eye-opening testimony of how DST has transformed her life. “I look forward to each workout, and it is never a chore or something I feel I have to do.  In the past I had been inconsistent with exercise and diet, relying on the ‘I need to lose 10 pounds in the next two weeks for some event’ method. This was frustrating and not at all effective.  Since I have joined DST, it has become a lifestyle change.  I eat well, have tons of energy, and am more fit at 51 than I was at 25.”

Heidi and Cheryl are the ultimate team players when they’re working out at DST. Not only do they support each other, but they support other DST members as well. It’s part of the atmosphere that Rick Daman and his coaches have created. Devlin went on to say, “The best part about DST is the camaraderie and support, the always challenging and changing workouts.  At the gym I love to see the other members making amazing changes in their level of fitness.  As a Physical Therapist, I also know that every workout from warm up to cool down is safe and effective and based on research and proven methodology.  To add to that, when I first started, my diet when I started was deplorable.  The nutritional support was priceless. I wanted to improve my fitness level but had been self-limiting regarding how far I could push myself.  The coaches push you (safely) to new levels.”

Finally, I asked Heidi and Cheryl why someone should join DST. With the number of referrals we’ve received in the past month for the Fit Moms program, it’s apparent the readers of YBC are paying attention. Cheryl said,If you want to go somewhere where you won’t feel intimidated and you want help with reaching personal health goals, this is the place to go. “

And Heidi reiterated that point. “If you want to stop buying clothes to hide your ‘problem areas’, improve your energy, be supported and motivated by the other members and coaches, be an inspiration to others and be the YOU that you know you can be, join DST!  Give it a chance, and I guarantee in one month you will see changes, and after two months you will wonder why you waited so long!”

If you would like more information about all of the great programs offered by our friends at DST, just fill out the form below and one of their awesome trainers will fill in the details for you!

Marc is a lifelong resident of Beaver County. A 2001 graduate of Center High School and 2005 graduate of Point Park University, Marc is employed by the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School and officiates high school and college football. Follow Marc on Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram @marcgrando