What do you get when you take hundreds of teenagers, a massive community event/indoor beach party, cosmic bowling, pizza, bouncy houses, video games, various sports tournaments and put them all together for 12 hours of amazing fun in the middle of November? You get the greatest youth event of the year for Beaver County!

The 8th Annual Turkey Bowl!

What started seven years ago as a small, humble event for Beaver County students in grades 6-12th to have a good time in a safe, controlled environment has grown exponentially into a massive all night extravaganza encompassing students from over 10 school districts some even driving in from other states for an opportunity to join in the festivities.

This year’s event is right around the corner, Friday Nov 14th. It is open to any student in grades 6th-12th, from anywhere, everybody is invited!

Beach Party & Cosmic Bowling

The night kicks off at 8pm at Chippewa Alliance Church (there’s no need to get there early, the doors don’t open until 8pm exactly, don’t worry your child will make it in). There will be a huge beach party in the gym, with a massive game of Limbo (winner takes home gift card prizes!). Then students will load up on various buses and travel to Baden Bowl where they will participate in some sweet Cosmic Bowling until Midnight. Wearing bright and neon colors makes Cosmic Bowling even more of a spectacle!

Once everybody is done bowling they will load back into the buses and head back to the gym for copious amounts of Papa Johns Pizza, pop and some great games like Bubble Wars, 9 Square and others. There will be a huge billiards tournament upstairs going on all night as well as a Ninja Tournament downstairs. For the all the gamers there will be various video game rooms set up, constantly running Call of Duty and Halo as well as other games all night long.

Cosmic Bowling

Details for Parents

This event is staffed by over 30 well trained adult workers with clearances and background checks. They rigorously man every corner of the facility to make sure that the night is a fun and safe for all who are present.

Parents are able to pick up their worn out children the next morning at 8am. No need to bring sleeping bags etc because there will be no sleep going on this night, there are too many awesome things to do (some people do dose off toward the end which is normal)!

If you are looking for a safe, fun community event for your children to attend send them out to The 8th Annual Turkey Bowl! Feel free to send cousins, neighbors and the like. If they are a teen, they are wanted! The Cost is only $10 for the whole night, they will be entertained, fed and monitored!

Chippewa Alliance Church is located at:

3629 37th St Ext
Beaver Falls PA 15010

If you have any questions feel free to call 724-846-2070

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