As I said yesterday, I’ve been spending an awful lot of time walking around the streets of Beaver lately. I love that so many of the houses in this area seem to have such a rich history. But even more than that, it’s interesting to see the ones that have a new lease on life thanks to the updates they have received in recent years.

With that in mind, there are three particular houses that are currently listed in Beaver that I believe to be head-and-shoulders above the rest of the options. They each have plenty of history, but they also have many of those modern amenities that today’s homebuyers are looking for.

These three houses represent the best of both worlds…kind of like that R. Kelly and Jay-Z album.

454 College Ave


This 3,000 square foot home with a huge front porch is located just about a block and a half from Starbucks on College Ave. When I say that it has been completely redone, I mean COMPLETELY REDONE.

The current owners picked it up a few years ago for $65k…and I’m not sure they got a great deal on it then because it was in pretty bad shape. But what they have done with it is truly amazing and I now believe it is worth every penny of the $350k they are asking.

The kitchen and the master bathroom are absolutely breathtaking, but the big seller for me is that really cool “canning room” in the back of the house. That’d make a killer bar right off of the back deck.

The only downside here is that there is no garage and that it’s “on the wrong side of Third Street.” But if this house was on Second Street with a couple of garages, it would have already sold for $100k more than they’re asking…which makes it the best deal in town right now.

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259 Taylor Ave


I’m always curious as to why some houses seem to look better online and some seem to look better in person. This little doll house on Taylor is one that you absolutely have to see in person. I was a bit turned off by all the purple in the picture here, but when you see this house in person it’s more like a plum and it looks so unbelievably charming that you’ll want to start moving your things in immediately.

Once again we have a house that has been completely updated throughout. The hardwood floors are absolutely beautiful, the commercial range would be a blast to cook on, the attic would be a dream office for me, and that outdoor space is the best part of the whole package…and then there’s the three car garage.

Remember what I was saying about how that house on College would cost a lot more if it was on the other side of town with a garage…well this houses is proof because I think they’re going to get pretty close to the $464k they’re asking.

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448 4th St


From the outside, this one looks just like any other house in Beaver. But on the inside…on my! Where on earth did they find the space to make a little house in Beaver feel this luxurious?

Once again, the people updating this one know their market because they focused their efforts on all the key features like the kitchen, master bathroom, and those hardwood floors.

This one is actually having an open house on Sunday from 1-3 if you’d like to see it in person!

Click here to check out the pictures on Zillow!

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