Based on the popularity of my previous articles about recently updated houses in Beaver and houses with tremendous fixer upper potential in Center Township, it was only natural that I would put together a collection of fixer uppers in Beaver.

It’s been a few months since Mrs. YBC and I decided that Beaver is where we want to end up eventually, and during that time I have been paying particularly close attention to the prices of the houses we tend to agree on. They all have one thing in common: they’re expensive!

The four houses on this list have all the potential in the world to be at the high end of the market in Beaver County because of their location, but they each need a little bit of TLC. If that’s your specialty, there could be some really great opportunities here.

703 Canal St. – $92,000


This first home on our list isn’t in great shape, but it comes with a price tag that makes it worth looking at anyways.

Outside, it looks like your standard 1,200 square foot, three bedroom, one bathroom house in Beaver. Inside, just about every single room is going to need to be completely redone. Everything.

We are talking about a massive renovation project here, but if you are starting the conversation at $92k, you will certainly have plenty of room for improvements that will include a nice bit of profit when you are finished.

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439 Insurance St. – $126,000


If the previous house was a deal at $92, I think whoever gets this adorable house on Insurance St. is going to be committing highway robbery. I’m talking like Italian Job Mini Cooper style robbery. I absolutely love the potential with this one.

There is something about the angle of the front porch that I really dig. I have seen that on a couple other houses in Beaver and it never fails to grab my attention.

This will definitely be another house where you are going to want to tear everything out and start from scratch. But with that said, it’s 2,600 square feet in the middle of town. We’ve seen just slightly better and much smaller homes go for a lot more than the asking price on this one.

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1500 Corporation St. – $163,900


Remember back in the 80’s and 90’s when it was cool to take a big, beautiful house and convert it into a duplex? Whoops.

That was a little bit before my time, but I do know that many real estate investors today are making big bucks by taking those aging duplexes and converting them back into large single-family houses.

With enough space for five bedrooms and three bathrooms on a large corner lot, this house has potential for days. And that hideous pink tile in the bathroom? That’s your profit sitting right there. This one is a no-brainer.

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750 2nd St. – $144,500


At just short of $150,000, this is the most expensive house on our list today. But it also doesn’t look much like a fixer upper from the outside. Actually, the entire house looks to be very well cared for.

After upgrading the kitchen and bathrooms, the only thing left to do here will be rip down that wallpaper and throw some paint on the walls. It might be a bit pricy for a fixer upper, but this is prime real estate in Beaver County and there isn’t a whole lot of work required.

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