What’s your first thought when you think of UPS? Brown uniforms & boxes? Okay…now scratch that.

Let me tell you what The UPS Store in Monaca really does. I’ll bet you’ll be just as surprised as I was!

Yes, of course they ship (and we’ll get to that)…but first, let’s look at some of the awesome services (most of them are ready the same day!) that you probably don’t know about:

Printing, Design & Laminating

Michael Sklack – who co-owns The UPS Store franchise with his wife, Donna – offers his talent and creative design skills for anything and everything you can imagine. I highly recommend stopping in to check out the samples on display – from business cards, brochures and local restaurant menus to customized invitations, church bulletins, even blueprints! Seriously, if you can dream it – they can print it.



Building on the printing services, if you’ve got a multi-page document that you’d like to look professional, The UPS Store has you covered with a variety of binding styles and paper options. Check these out:


Dee McKay is a local author who’s been so pleased with Michael & Donna’s services that she goes to them exclusively to have her children’s books printed. She brings the original artwork and material to the store, and they scan it, size it, print it & bind it beautifully.

You can get your own copy on Amazon, or check the rest of her books out at the upcoming vendor show at the First Presbyterian Church in Monaca (March 22 from 10 – 2 pm).

Canvas Wraps, Framing, & Collages

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to give a custom canvas wrap as a gift…but I always wait until the last minute, and the turnaround time at most places is up to two weeks. That won’t be a problem anymore. I can email my photo to The UPS Store & they’ll take care of the rest.


Not only will your project be done the same day, it will be made with high-quality, real wood, so you know your wraps will be enjoyed for years to come.

If canvas wraps aren’t your thing, but you still need some wall art, they do framing, too! Just bring your frame & your photo, and they’ll blow up the picture & have it ready to hang in the hallway. How awesome is that?

But what if you have a ton of pictures? Bring them all! They’ll scan, crop, and skillfully arrange your memories into a beautiful keepsake collage for graduation parties, weddings, funerals & more.

Mailboxes – With a Real Street Address!

Okay, this is really cool. These are like P.O. Boxes, but better!

Your “address” looks like this: 204 Golfview Dr. #123, Monaca PA. This is a fantastic option for someone with a growing home-based business that doesn’t want to give out their address and wants to appear professional & established.


Extra bonus: they’ll email or text you when you have mail, and even sign for packages!

Packing & Shipping

The UPS Store will get your stuff from A to B whether it’s fine heirloom china…or a Chevrolet. Yes, they even do freight! Who knew?

What’s more, if you bring your items to the store and have them pack it and ship it, your goods are covered by the “Pack & Ship Guarantee”. This is absolutely worth it if you’re sending valuable items, because if it were to break, The UPS Store will refund your money, cover the value of the item, and take care of the paperwork.


Luckily, with 10 years of experience and a reputation so good that they’re the local training store for new franchisees, breaks are incredibly rare.

…and More!

Greeting cards, office & shipping supplies, and some really neat laminated quick-look info sheets are just a few of the retail items offered here. Need a laminated map of the world? Got it!

Owned & Operated by Local Veterans

The UPS Store in Monaca offers a massive variety of services. Yes, their sign has a “big” name on it – but through those doors is a small, family-owned business run by a couple who hold our community close to their hearts. Michael & Donna are both veterans of the US Air Force. Thank you for serving our country, and supporting Beaver County!


Open M-F 8:30 – 7 pm; Sat. 10 – 4 pm

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