It’s Valentine’s Day Weekend in Beaver County. Mr. and Mrs. YBC are both going to be working all weekend, but for those of you who are looking to celebrate the holiday, this is one of the biggest weekends all year for our local restaurants.

And one thing we know very well here at YBC is the local restaurant scene. Yum!

So as part of a collaborative effort yesterday afternoon, we all worked together to brainstorm a list of the top romantic restaurants in Beaver County. Everyone contributed their suggestions, but the final call was on me….so here are my Top Ten Romantic Restaurants in Beaver County.

10. Mario’s Woodfired Pizzeria

When most people think of a romantic restaurant, they automatically assume that the food is going to be Italian. And as far as Italian food in Beaver County, Mario’s is definitely one of the best.

Everyone knows the pizza is great, but that Lobster Ravioli blows my mind every time! And don’t forget that you can BYOB here too, so bring whatever bottle you enjoy the most.

The ONLY reason that Mario’s isn’t at the top of this list is that it is almost always packed with people and can get very loud, which could def take away from the romantic mojo you might be trying to create.

9. Pacentro’s

Again. The Italian thing. Over on the Hopewell side of the county, you aren’t going to find better Italian food than Pacentro’s. But that actually doesn’t matter this weekend, because their Valentine’s Menu looks absolutely fantastic.

8. Mario’s Dockside Grille

It’s one of the newest restaurants in Beaver County, and I’m not sure that they’re really going for a “romantic” vibe there, but it’s hard not to be a bit romantic when you have great food and a beautiful view of the river.

7. Grand Valley Inn

In addition to great food, the classic romantic restaurant should also provide access to a good bottle of wine…and you can always get both at the Grand Valley Inn. Whether I order steak or seafood, I always leave this one saying I should eat there more often.

6. The Fairport

Another place that I always say I should visit more often is the Fairport in Rochester. This is a classy, quiet restaurant with high-end food and really great cocktails. From what I’ve been hearing lately, the chicken lettuce wrap appetizer is a must-try here!

5. Heirloom

Heirloom has become a very popular choice for many of my friends and family over the past year or so. And there is one good reason for that: the food is simply amazing. For a romantic dinner, I’d recommend starting with a cheese board and then ordering whatever it is that Chef Rich has on special. Don’t worry, it’ll be fantastic.

Once again, the Beaver restaurants are all BYOB-friendly, so you can bring whatever type of wine you prefer to Heirloom.

4. Biba

The fact that Biba has the smallest dining area on the list is exactly why it belongs at number four on this list. It’s cozy and quiet, and the food is phenomenal. This is another one where you can just order whatever is on special and you will never be disappointed.

3. Shakespeare’s

It’s hard to argue that a giant castle doesn’t have a good deal of romance involved, so Shakespeare’s is definitely on our list. As far as the food goes, this is a great spot to order a prime rib and enjoy a bottle of wine.

2. J.W. Hall’s

It’s been the staple for special events for as long as many of us can remember, and this Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be any exception. Whether you order Steaks, Seafood, or skip the menu and ask for the Lobster Kettle like most of us at YBC do, J.W. Halls is a perfect choice for a romantic dinner.

1. The Wooden Angel

Have you seen the wine cellar at The Wooden Angel? Yeah, there’s no way this place was going to land anywhere but number one on this list. By far, the most romantic restaurant is Beaver County.

Owner Alex Sebastian is one of the most knowledgeable wine experts in the entire country, and I learned more about wine from him in 20 minutes than I did in the rest of my life combined. If you are looking for a great meal accompanied by a spectacular bottle of wine, his wine cellar is exactly where you want it to be served from.

Andrew is a professional freelance writer and lifelong resident of Beaver County. He created Your Beaver County to promote and showcase all of the positive aspects of our incredible local culture! You can find more of Andrew’s professional information at Brooklyn Content, or you can also follow him on his personal twitter account, @theAndrewSelby.