To this day, one of the absolute best things about starting Your Beaver County was that someone (I don’t even remember who) told me about a little place in New Brighton called Wooley Bully’s. Since our first visit about this time last year, Mrs. YBC and I have been absolutely hooked on their amazing specialty pizzas. They have a firm place in our regular Wednesday night takeout rotation.

The only real problem with the pizza at Wooley Bully’s is deciding which ones to get. Yeah, that’s plural….because we get three pizzas for two people. And even then, we generally have to argue about the third option…to the point where we are considering stepping up our order to four pizzas.

So now that I’ve had them all (plus a few random specials), I thought it would be helpful for the readers (and therapeutic for myself) to break down the top five specialty pizzas that you absolutely must try at Wooley Bully’s.

#5 – The Spinach and Feta Pizza


This is a white pizza with spinach and chicken that is then topped with feta cheese and tomato slices. It was one of our first experiences with Wooley Bully’s, and it is still one of the tops on our list. This was the pizza that helped us realize that these people were serious about flavor.

If you are a fan of spinach and lots of feta, this one is killer.

#4 – The Gyro Pizza

The Gyro is a white pizza that they start with mozzarella, onions, and lots of oregano. I’m sure you can guess what comes next: GYRO MEAT!

You know how when you order something like this at most places and they put just a few slices of meat on the pizza? Not at Wooley Bully’s. This thing is absolutely LOADED with gyro meat and then topped off with lettuce, tomato, and cucumber sauce.

If you are a fan of gyros, this is a great choice. It’s so good that it might make the upcoming Top Five Gyros articles.

#3 – The Italian Stallion Pizza


The Italian Stallion and the Gyro are really close for me, but the Stallion gets the edge for having an awesome name. This one is another white pizza that is cooked with Italian hoagie meats. The bologna, salami, pepperoni, and ham are then topped with lettuce, tomato, and Italian dressing.

When we tried this one for the first time, Mrs. YBC and I both agreed that Jay Wooley obviously doesn’t invest in anything but the best ingredients. This was some of the best lunch meat we’d ever had…and it was on a pizza. Add in the homemade Italian dressing and this one is a work of art.

#2 – The Hunky Alley Pizza


Up until just a few weeks ago, I thought I was ordering the Hunky every time because it was one of my favorites. Then Mrs. YBC informed me that we were actually ordering it because it was her favorite. (She also threatened to quit reading my articles if it wasn’t #1 on this list….sorry, dear!)

The Hunky is a white pizza that is topped with…get this….mozzarella cheese, fried onions, kielbasa, fried potatoes, and cheddar cheese. I’m not a huge fan of kielbasa, so this didn’t sound all that appealing to me…until I tried it. Wow. Combining the onions and the potatoes with that kielbasa is absolutely delicious.

#1 – The Mexican Pizza


Another pizza that I wasn’t expecting much from was the Mexican. Whoops. I was way off on that one. It’s now my absolute favorite and I can’t stop by Wooley Bully’s without getting one.

This one starts with Chorizo sausage, jalapeños, cheddar cheese, and onions. Then it is topped off with a homemade pico de gallo and served with a side of sour cream. Once again, all of the toppings are extremely high quality. And that pico is mind-blowing good.

Don’t get me wrong. Every one of the pizzas on this list is spectacular. But that pico puts the Mexican in a league of its own. Best by a mile.

Honorable Mentions – The Specials

Another thing that Wooley Bully’s is known for is having different weekly specials that are even more extreme than the specialty pizzas that are on their menu. We’ve seen things like Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Wedding Soup Pizza, and Meatloaf Pizza come out of that kitchen. All of those look delicious as well, but I didn’t think it was fair to put them on the top five list because of their limited availability.

I have also hear rumors about a mystical “Big Mac Pizza.” I have strict order from Mrs. YBC to include a person request to Jay Wooley. Please make us one, Jay. We can come try it any Wednesday night. Please?

Ok. Enough with the begging for food. When it comes to absolutely killer specialty pizza in Beaver County, no one does it better than Jay Wooley and his staff at Wooley Bully’s. If you’ve never been to this great little spot on Allegheny Street in New Brighton, you really need to check it out. Just don’t plan on leaving hungry!