This article is sponsored by our friends at Beaver County Nissan. If you are in the market for a sweet car with tons of personality, they are the people to talk to!

For this week’s test drive I was out at Beaver County Nissan in Chippewa to check out the super fun Nissan Juke. This one has been on my to-do list for quite a while because I’ve always been drawn to its cool look.

While I was there, I checked out two Jukes. The first was the 2015 Juke Nismo RS AWD, which is the white one in the pictures. In addition to having all of the really cool features that come standard in most Nissan vehicles, this one also has the Nismo package, which is basically the racing version. It’s sick.

The other model I looked at was a 2015 Juke S AWD that shows off how much personality you can inject into these cars. This silver Juke is decked out with lots of awesome blue accents that will make it really stand out in any parking lot.

Want to Learn More About the Nissan Juke?

If you are a fan of the cool stylish look of the Nissan Juke, now is a great time to get a deal on a model-year-end 2015 Juke! Just fill out your information and one of the awesome guys from Beaver County Nissan will contact you with more information!

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