the chicken shack

One of the coolest things about writing for a website about your local community is that the readers will suggest great places that you’ve never heard of. When I posted a picture of a fried fish dinner last Friday, one of the commenters suggested that I should try a place called The Chicken Shack in Beaver Falls.

At first, I had a hard time believing that any place in Beaver Falls that I had not already heard of could really be that great. However, the idea that someone was suggesting a local soul food joint really got me excited, so I was down to try it. When I looked up the Yelp! reviews, I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were four reviews and all were five stars.

When it comes to southern style food, I’m more of a rib guy than a fried chicken guy. I always tend to find myself just eating the breading on fried chicken. With that said, I could not resist the idea of a place that makes their own mashed potatoes, bbq baked beans, mac and cheese, and collard greens. The sides are what really hook me.

My Chicken Shack Experience

My arrival at The Chicken Shack was probably the most difficult part of my trip. I had pulled into a parking spot on the 1800 block of 7th Ave, but I didn’t see The Chicken Shack anywhere. I knew that the address was 1801, so it had to be right on the corner, but that spot was already occupied by Subway. After a bit of snooping around the corner, I found that The Chicken Shack is located on the side street right behind Subway.

As I walked into the restaurant, I felt like I was transported into a different time. There was a TV playing Motown music and a glass case filled with desserts. There were at least two groups of people eating what looked to be the best version of a casual fried chicken dinner I have seen.

My Lunch Order

When I stepped up to the counter to place my order, I was a little concerned that I was being difficult. There are options for a dark meat chicken dinner that contains a leg and a thigh or a light meat chicken dinner that comes with a breast and a wing. I like both, so I asked if it was possible to get a breast and a thigh and was assured that it was no problem.

the chicken shack

Knowing that I was drastically over-ordering, I also ordered sides of mashed potatoes, BBQ baked beans, mac and cheese, and collard greens. I really wanted to try the green beans and the stuffing too, but I felt like I was already pushing the limits.

All of the sides were delicious and the mac and cheese in particular stood out as something I would happily drive back there again for. However, what stuck with me for hours after I finished eating was the unbelievable taste that was cooked into the chicken. I have never had anything like that. The flavors were literally dancing around my mouth. It was fantastic.

The Big Meals

One of the interesting aspects of the menu at The Chicken Shack is that they offer big meals that are large enough to feed an entire family. There are 12, 16, and 20 piece chicken dinners that come with a varied number of sides, biscuits, drinks, and desserts. This jogged memories from my childhood of ordering big buckets of chicken from KFC, but this is definitely not KFC chicken.

The next time I find myself hosting a summer picnic, this is the place that will be doing the cooking. Like I said, I’m not a big fried chicken guy. but the food at The Chicken Shack letting wanting more. I will be back soon and often.