Our YBC Test Drive series is sponsored by our friends at Beaver County Auto. They pride themselves on offering outstanding deals and excellent finance packages!

For the first installment of our new YBC Test Drive series, I had the privilege of driving the brand new, completely redesigned 2016 Nissan Maxima SR along with my man, Scott Nail, Jr., from the Nissan side at Beaver County Auto in Chippewa.

I had actually been wanting to check this car out already after seeing commercials for it, but when I saw how excited the experts at Beaver County Auto were about it, I knew I was in for a real treat….and the 2016 Nissan Maxima did not disappoint.

How could it? This car’s designers were inspired by the Navy’s Blue Angels!

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Scott had already started the car before I got in thanks to the remote start, but it took me a minute to grasp that there was no where to put the key. There actually isn’t a key. You just keep the Nissan Intelligent Key in your pocket and the car recognizes it from there.


One I got over the fact that the key was amazing, I did a double take at the huge screen in the center of the consol. No messing around here.


In addition to having a full touch screen, you can also controll everything on the monitor from this little joystick button behind the shifter.


Scott also pointed out some sweet details in the trim that wrapped from the consol around the doors.


And the cool suede inserts in each of the seats.


One of my favorite features was the D-shaped steering wheel with the paddle shifters behind it. Scott explained that everything about this car was designed to feel like an actual race car. That’s so cool.

The Maxima also has little lights by each of the side mirrors that let you know when someone is in your blind spots.


Speaking of race cars, did I mention the 300 HP this car brings to the table? I wasn’t exactly sure how much of a difference that would be from the 260 HP I have in my car….”wow” is the answer. This thing can move!

It also has a sweet look from the front with the way those LED lights wrap around the headlights.


And those wheels are pretty sweet too!


Considering all the amazing features this car offers, a sticker price at just uner $39,000 almost feels like a deal. If you don’t agree, then you just haven’t driven it yet. Call one of the guys from Beaver County Auto and come see for yourself.


Want to take this car for a spin to experience it for yourself?

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