Good news and bad news, folks! Good news: School is just about out! No more packing lunches and waking up sluggish, miserable kids for school, no more waiting at the bus stop or driving the kids to school (which, might I add, is significantly more confusing than the drop off scene in Mr. Mom). Sunny days of summer are right around the corner! Ice cream trucks and pool days.

But then, here comes the bad news. I’ll just sum in up in three words. “Mom, I’m bored.”  I know you know what I am talking about! Going from packing lunches and homework all night to working on something to keep the kiddos from going stagnant is not the world’s best trade off some days. This year there is a new option for everyone involved!

Summer Camp at Beaver Station Cultural & Event Center

The newly restored Beaver Station Cultural & Event Center, where the indoor Farmer’s Market was held and several other great events (including the Taco Stop, my favorite roaming Biba taco truck!), has partnered with out friends at the Sweetwater Center for the Arts to offer several camp options for all of the kiddos in your life!

Ranging in age from 4-14, you are sure to find something to keep your kids from fighting with each other and complaining about how bored they are! The camps are all five days long and are offered twice: once in June and then again in July.

For the Young Ones

First up, for the youngest of the kids, the 4-6 year olds, there are three different camps. Art Explorers is on the calendar first. This is for all of those budding Van Gogh’s! It will teach the kids drawing, collage, painting and printmaking.

Next up, A Week at the Beach! This is going to teach the kids all about the beach and sea life! Things like sea horses and sharks, which, in my experience, I have yet to meet a kid that doesn’t think sharks are cool! They will be drawing and creating in this camp as well.

Finally, a Butterflies, Bugs, and Plants. This is for the nature loving kids! They will learn printmaking and do fun art projects inspired by nature.

For the Older Kids

Second, for the elementary aged kids, the 7-10 year olds, there are three different camps!

First, Tell Me a Story. This camp will have the kids creating their own book through pictures!

Next, Collecting Inspiration. Everyone has a favorite thing, even kids! This camp will have your kids expressing what they love in painting and collage. 

Finally for this age group, a Fiber Art course. This one sounds like a blast! The kids will be dying and printing on t-shirts and other things (like, socks or pillowcases). This includes some work with the Japanese shibori dying technique. Heck, maybe your kids can teach you when they are done?

For the Tweeners

Finally, for the tweens. The most susceptible to this summer time boredom phenomena. The 11-14 year olds. There are two options for this age group.

The first is on Printmaking. They will be working with monotype, relief and collagraph on paper and fabric.

The next is En Plein Air painting! Painting outdoors, the teens will find inspiration all around the Beaver Station. Between the beautiful buildings and the huge gardens, there will be plenty of inspiration to paint and love. This course will have the kids working with acrylic, watercolor and pastels.

Check Out the Open House

Beaver Station is holding an open house on Thursday, May 26, from 6 pm – 8 pm. This open house will allow you the opportunity to check out this amazing facility and to meet the instructors for these camps! There will be food and drink provided and also some fun art activities, too! Be sure to check this out! It is free and open to all ages.

Do yourself a favor and check out all that Sweetwater has to offer, both in Beaver Station and in their other locations. You can see the entire schedule here, but the Beaver classes start on page 16. The classes are very affordable for the week, and have both member and non-member classes. 

Beaver Station’s partnership with Sweetwater Center for the Arts is to not only offer summer camps, but it is the only Beaver County satellite location for their classes all year.  Classes have been ongoing since January.

The membership has so many amazing perks, outside of just reduced class fees. They offer facility rentals and so much more. You can contact them at 412-741-4405, or check out their website at www.sweetwaterartcenter.org.

If I can save you from hearing how booored your kids are just once, I feel like my work is done here! Good luck, fellow parents. We will make it through!

Anastasia Beaverhausen is a married, stay-at-home mom of three kids. She was born, raised and still lives in downtown Beaver. Her main goals in life are making sure everyone lives through the week, the house doesn’t end up condemned, and teaching two (so far) small people how to “people” properly. In her free time, Ana enjoys running, knitting and gardening, although free time is a pretty tough thing to come by these days. Follow her on twiter @bcBeaverhausen!