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Andy must hate me. Seriously. He asks me to do all of the YBC chocolate articles and I just simply don’t have enough (read : any) willpower. Sigh. So yes, I am writing another article about delicious chocolate in Beaver County. I’m sure you all remember the Rosalind’s article that I wrote a few months back that broke the internet. Now we are shifting to a sweet spot located in Center Township called Sweet Supplies.

Meet Pat and Pam

Sweet Supplies has been owned and operated by the mother-daughter team of Pam and Pat for the last 18 years. Pat, the mom portion of the duo, is the chocolate maker. Pam, the daughter, heads up the retail area and is not allowed in Pat’s workshop, or at least that’s what she told me. Pat said that wasn’t true.. but then Pam just rolled her eyes. These two were hysterical and I loved every second of talking with them!

An Overwhelming Supply

As soon as I entered, I was overwhelmed with the amount of, well.. stuff that they had. Candy making stuff, cake making stuff, lady lock making stuff. Molds for chocolates and lollipops and hard tack. Colored and flavored white chocolate disks. Flavorings. Colorings. Sprinkles. Sparkles.

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You catch what I’m throwin here? You need it. They have it. Anything you could imagine that you need for making your own treats and to be honest, things you probably can’t imagine you need either – they have it all.

But beyond just full shelves, they have the knowledge and years of experience to share too. They make sure that you have a good handle on what you are doing before you leave. This is priceless, folks. If you don’t know what you are doing, you might as well hurl it all around your kitchen and start crying now, because that’s how it will end. Or at least that’s how things like this end in the Beaverhausen household.

For the Bakers

On the baking side of things, they sell bakeware, both metal and oven-safe plastic, in all sorts of sizes and shapes. They have a huge variety of disposable baking cups and loaf pans that make perfect gifts or hold things for bake sales. Anywhere you want to not have to deal with getting your bakeware back from.

For after the baking is done, they carry boards for decorating, decorative plastic doodads for the tops, icing and gel food coloring to mix in, a line of aerosol icing for the baker looking to try their luck at air brushing. There are sprinkles divided by color to go along with any theme (Pam said she spends 90% of her day sorting sprinkles! ha, just kidding).


In the cases are all of the edible cake decorations. Flowers made from gumpaste and anything you can think of made from sugar. She even showed me a pack of sugar bugs. What little boy wouldn’t love a sugar centipede!? I wonder if Boo’s Bug Stoppers handles those??

In addition to cake baking, Sweet Supplies also carries pizzelle irons year round and a whole ton of cookie cutters. The irons are available in several different sizes and, as I just mentioned, are here all year – not just around Christmas.


The cookie cutters too! If you can’t find it here, well.. you just haven’t looked hard enough BECAUSE they even sell a ‘make your own cookie cutter’ kit! Stop this insanity! I could make a cutter in the shape of a ‘YBC’ or a chicken leg or beer mug or something. The sky’s the limit with this!

Chocolate and Candy Making

Next up, chocolate and candy making. Along the back wall are rows and rows of clear molds for chocolate. These molds change by the season. Currently they are into Graduation but pretty soon will be Halloween and Thanksgiving… and dare I say, Christmas?! There are only 173 days left until the bearded fat man shimmies down your chimney. ARE YOU GOING TO BE READY!?


Across from the molds are the discs. They carry a huge variety of colors, and even some favors, as well as solid blocks of chocolate to melt. If you can’t find the color you need, they have gel coloring. If you can’t find the flavor you need, they have bottles of flavoring. There are sticks for the molds to make pops, and wraps for the pops when they come out of the molds. She has filling for truffles and paper cups they snuggle into.

See?! Anything you need, folks.

Let Them Make It For You!

But, what if you are thinking to yourself, “This lady is nuts if she thinks I’m making my own chocolate.”

Hey. I respect that and have a solution. Let them make it for you. They take special orders for any occasion you could ever need chocolate for. Birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, graduations, holiday parties. There are a ton to pick from and they will work with you to get your theme and color just right.


Pat is also working feverishly in the back to prepare some of the most exquisite pretzels I have ever laid delicately into my gob. There is a box of 4 flavors: Butterfinger chocolate, Heath bar chocolate, Oreo chocolate, and Crunch bar chocolate. They packed these in a goodie bag for me to take home and let me just tell you what. I hid them from the kids in the veggie drawer of the fridge, locked myself in the bathroom every so often with one, and enjoyed every single bite more than the bite before.

You do what you have to do when the kids outnumber you.

Also in my goodie bag and available for purchase: chocolate covered Oreos, PB & jelly cups, chocolate covered twinkies, marshmallow stuffed “ice cream” cones, popcorn, snack mix…

I could keep going and going, but Imma stop here and let the store finish for itself. Check them out immediately. Sweet Supplies is located in the Center Stage plaza on Old Brodhead Road. Tell them that Ana sent you, and let me know what you picked up!!!

Anastasia Beaverhausen is a married, stay-at-home mom of three kids. She was born, raised and still lives in downtown Beaver. Her main goals in life are making sure everyone lives through the week, the house doesn’t end up condemned, and teaching two (so far) small people how to “people” properly. In her free time, Ana enjoys running, knitting and gardening, although free time is a pretty tough thing to come by these days. Follow her on twiter @bcBeaverhausen!