Summer has officially ended, much to my dismay. We are smack dab in the middle of hibernation season and while there is something good to be said about curling up under a blanket with a glass of red and a fireplace lit in the background, how about we try something different this year? You know, the anti-chubby winter. The winter where you get into the best shape ever and are ready to kick some butt and take some names come Spring. How? Lemmie tell ya how. SouLift Fitness.

Truth bomb. I am eating a slice of cheesecake as I write this. I am not ready to give up on chubby winter just yet.

SouLift started a little over 5 years ago in Ohioville as a free outdoor workout in a park. David Pavkovich, the owner and one of the certified trainers at SouLift, would run these equipment-free workouts to a growing crowd of 20-30 of his new closest friends. David told me “It was unconventional to say the least. We used bodyweight and the terrain and got some amazing results for our people.” As the summer was winding down, the outdoor workouts came to a close… which caused those 20-30 close friends to riot in the streets, burning couching and throwing fire bombs. I kid, there were no couches lost in this riot. However, the people were very upset though and pleaded David to open a storefront. So he did! That was location #1. Now 5 years later and in location #2, David and the team at SouLift are still crushing goals and beers (AND winning Best of the Valley awards!) all at the same time in the Tusca Plaza in Brighton Township.


Things are done a little differently around SouLift. How differently makes them the ‘not-a-gym’ gym. First, SouLift is adult over the age of 18 only. No kiddos allowed. It’s not that the team there doesn’t like kids, in fact the high majority of the people there HAVE kids. The gym though is a kid free zone (although.. there is a lovely area where your kiddos can hang out while you workout, if needed). Second, call this place a clubhouse, not a gym. You come in, you have fun, you leave, you repeat. They have games and challenges between the members to keep things interesting, all the while getting the best workout you will have in a long time. When I visited, they were just talking about the SouLifter of the Year award, and why that person deserved it! With a board filled with members, you can imagine each person had his or her own reason for being awesome.

“Everyone counts here. I think that’s what separates us from other local offerings. It’s as close to personal training as you can get while being in a small group. We cap our classes at 10 people so each person gets individual attention. Quality over quantity.” Pavkovich.


David and his team of pros are great at what they do. They take things seriously so you don’t have to. Through an initial consultation, your goals, habits, lifestyle and struggles will all come out. Think of David and the SouLift team as a fitness therapist…. just spew your issuesand he can direct you on how to work things out. The more he knows, the more he can help break down whatever barriers you have. It is more than just exercise too. Heck, exercise is the easy part, right?


“Being happy and healthy is really the goal. Being strong and capable physically begins to strengthen a person mentally and emotionally. You can handle anything.” Pavkovich.

Nutrition and what you are eating is where the real struggle is. So in addition to workouts, David and team offer a slew of foodstuff, for lack of a better term. They can and will advise you how to make attainable goals – things to tweak so that you aren’t totally turning your entire life upside down. Changes like that rarely stick. Minor tweaks? Those guys hang around for awhile…


“I think the power is in our community. Strength in numbers. Members become friends and support each other like teammates. We put that good into our community too. We believe in Beaver County. We donate our time and money, collectively, for causes like the Humane Society, Habitat for Humanity, local sports teams and a lot more. The only rule is that we keep our money local.” Pavkovich.


So you are interested in getting in shape and getting support by these locals, what is your first step? Well, the first step is to figure out what your first step is. Shoot David an email. Meet him. Go through your goals. Take a week free – no commitment at all. A legit free week to experience how they do things. If it’s not what you need or like or think you can handle? No big whoop. You are under no obligation. However, if you dig it like I dig it? Sign up and I’ll catch you on the big board. Heck, I may even whoop your butt at a daily challenge. gauntlet thrown

SouLift Fitness offers Small Group Training, One on One Personal Training, Corporate Wellness Programs, Nutrition Coaching and more.. Fill out the form below to get in touch with SouLift.

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