One of the main objectives of country clubs is to provide first-class amenities and activities for the membership. At Seven Oaks Country Club, there are four “clubs within the club” that enable the members to participate in activities and events with people who enjoy the same interests.

The leadership at Seven Oaks created these four clubs with the members in mind: Barley and Hops, Vintner, Green Thumb, and Long Ash. As their names suggest, they involve beer, wine, gardening, and cigars. I think most people can identify with at least one of those.

Each club sets a schedule for the year with monthly events and activities, and offer discounts to members within each club. Let’s take a closer look at what they offer.

Barley and Hops Club

Barley and Hops is perhaps the most popular “club within the club” at Seven Oaks. In its inaugural year in 2013, they had 52 members join. Now, they are almost at 100! Their signature event, the Beer Belly Open, is held in the fall. Last year, they had sell out crowd of 127 golfers that played. In all, the Barley and Hops Club is sponsoring five events this year.

Barley & Hop Club Benefits Include:

  • First year members receive a signature 20 ounce beer mug displayed in the Grille Room for your enjoyment (4 more ounces than our regular drafts!)
  • A Barley & Hops Club zip up fleece
  • Preferred pricing to all Barley & Hop Events for you and your significant other
  • Priority placement for you and your guests to the 4th Annual Beer Belly Open in 2016
  • Special discount book on food and beverage including, 7 cent beer coupons of any draft, $7 six packs for the golf course or pool, half off appetizers, complimentary order of wings and more!
  • Special gifts when spotted by Chris or Chef Greg when wearing your Barley and Hops gear
  • An opportunity to make new acquaintances and friends.
  • A great time!

All it costs to join the Barley and Hops club is $50.

Vintner Club

The Vintner Club provides members with an opportunity to drink and learn about wines from around the world. If you are a wine enthusiast, then this club might be worth an entire membership at Seven Oaks. It started out with 32 members in 2013, and now has close to 60 members.

Last year, Vintner Club members tasted wines from Argentina, Chile, Germany, and many more vineyards from around the world.  Chef Greg Powell and his culinary team once again impressed the members in both the Robert Mondavi Dinner and the Franciscan Estates Dinner with his elegant dishes. This year, the Vintner Club is hosting eight events, with an event each month from April through November.

Vintner Club Benefits include:

  • First year members receive a Seven Oaks wine tote with a special gift inside
  • Second year members receive a bottle of Seven Oaks engraved bottle stopper
  • Preferred pricing to all Vintner Club events for member and significant other
  • 20% off all bottles of wine purchased in the Grille Room
  • A Special “Savings Book” including complementary entrées, appetizers, and desserts in the Grille Room!
  • An opportunity to enhance your knowledge on a variety of wines from around the world
  • Invitation to a combined Vintner and Barley & Hops Christmas sweater party at the end of the year
  • Memories that will last a lifetime!

The price to join the Vintner Club is $50 per couple.

Long Ash Club

The Long Ash Club is the perfect place for the cigar aficionado. Like the Vintner Club, the Long Ash members have eight events on their calendar, from April through November. My favorite event on the calendar is the “Cigars and Bocce” event that’s happening on August 4th because, why wouldn’t it be? A blending of an ancient Italian game with cigars, summer beers, and appetizers. Each event costs $25 for Long Ash members and $35 for non-Long Ash members. And like the other clubs, the membership price is $50 per person.

The Green Thumb Club

The Green Thumb Club is what you would imagine given the name. It is for those who love to garden, produce their own sustainable food supply, and continue to grow and promote the locavore movement that we are seeing more and more in western PA.

Yes, Seven Oaks has their own gardens they are easily accessible to drive as the plots are conveniently located next to Dano Drive and to the left of #10 fairway. The plot size is 15 yards X 20 yards that will provide an abundance of ground to plant a variety of vegetables.

The annual dues of the club are $35.

Kids Culinary Club

Last but not least, we can’t forget the kids. The Kids Culinary Club can have a lasting impact on the youngsters who come to the club with their parents. Chef Greg Powell leads the kids’ cooking classes that began in 2013.

This year, they will be offering some fun classes that will have minimal knife work handled by the older children and the associates that help out for the classes.

Once again on September 11, we will be holding our Sunday Brunch featuring the Kids Culinary Club as they help pick the menu and prepare as well as serving. This is a fantastic way for children to get exposed to the culinary arts, learn from a great chef in Greg Powell, and have some fun while they’re at it.

Registration fees are $35 per child, ranging from 6 years old to 12 years old. Registration includes:

  • 3 cooking classes plus Saturday September 10 Brunch Preparation and Complimentary Sunday Brunch for the student on September 11
  • Personalized apron
  • Seven Oaks Culinary Team ball caps
  • Classes are Baking with Chef Greg, Miss Bunnie and the Culinary Team
  • A day to impress family and friends

Seven Oaks isn’t just a place to play golf. There is much more to the club than that. The club does a tremendous job when it comes to catering to its members.

These clubs are a reflection of that. Over 200 members have joined one of the “clubs within the club.” If you’re interested in becoming a member at Seven Oaks, please fill out the form below and someone will be in contact with you.

Marc is a lifelong resident of Beaver County. A 2001 graduate of Center High School and 2005 graduate of Point Park University, Marc is employed by the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School and officiates high school and college football. Follow Marc on Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram @marcgrando