“This is the Point-in-Time Homelessness Survey. It’s part of a national count to get a better feel for what homelessness looks like in our nation. Locally, in Beaver county, we take the information gathered to further assist folks in getting housing. I work for TRAILS and this is a day that we always set aside to just be of help in anyway that we can. By working at TRAILS, we work with men and women that are coming out of jail on a daily basis. We also work with kids that are coming out of placement. We see homelessness in a different way everyday in Beaver county. We don’t see people holding a cup on the street, but we do see people that jump from house to house or live in abandoned buildings. So this is a day that those needs can be met in a real way.”

Brianne Kovacs
Brianne is a freelance photographer in the Beaver County area. She attended Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School, which first sparked her interest in photography. She is now the co-owner of Weston & Kovacs Photography and also works for Lincoln Learning Solutions in Rochester. She is a resident of Beaver Falls and is involved in many community projects. You can see more of her work here.