Sal's Restaurant Chippewa

Sal’s Ristorante and Bar has been a longtime local favorite since 1985. It is locally owned by Sal himself who can be found in the back of the house or out front mingling with the guests. The atmosphere is cozy, comfortable and quaint with their nostalgic feel and old Hollywood pictures on the wall. It really makes you feel as if you are at home about to enjoy a comforting Italian meal.

The Menu at Sal’s

Sal’s menu is quite extensive for a smaller establishment (compared to the Sun Basket menu), and for them primarily being an Italian Restaurant, their menu is very well-rounded. Whatever menu route you choose, their portions are huge, especially considering their prices. I have never left hungry and usually take some for leftover the next day.

This especially applies to their Italian food, mainly their calzones and pizza where you can choose from many options or make your own. No matter what your pizza or calzone entails, they are most definitely a top choice.

While you might only visit for dinner, their large lunch menu really hones in on their handhelds. They offer a lot of sandwiches, wraps, burgers and focaccia sandwich options. They even have Quesadillas for lunch!

Great Service

One of the best things about Sal’s is that you know you are going to receive an enjoyable home cooked meal. At Sal’s it is hard to have just one or two favorites. From not only my experiences, but asking around to friends and family, one of the top things I was told was the consistently great service and friendly staff.

The staff members know the regulars by name, and really take care of each guest. The service is always a positive experience and the servers are very attentive, personable, and knowledgeable. The food is delivered fast and always consistent no matter what time or day you go.

These factors regularly contribute to their longtime continued success and business has been growing since inception. When you head to Sal’s on a Friday or Saturday, you are most likely facing a wait, but it is always something worth waiting for.

Grab a Bite:

  • Zucchini Planks
  • Shrimp Scampi
  • Chicken Oscar (Regular Monday Special)
  • Chicken Parmigiana
  • Buffalo Chicken Calzone
  • The Boss Calzone
  • The Italian Slammer Pizza
  • La Margarita Pizza
  • Any salad with Homemade Ranch

Branch out and try:

  • Tuscan Bruschetta
  • Chicken Artichokes & Roasted Reds
  • Shrimp Fra Diavolo
  • Eggplant Al Forno
  • The Godfather
  • Shrimp Scampi Pizza
  • Grilled Chicken BBQ Pizza
  • Reuben Sandwich

Did You Know?

  • Head in to Sal’s Sunday – Thursday from 8:00pm – 10:00pm and enjoy ½ off appetizers!

  • While you’re there Sunday – Thursday from 8:00pm – 10:00pm take advantage of their drink specials. Wines and Margaritas are $4, Bottles and Drafts are $3 and they have a nice range of beers. They also have additional drinks specials depending on the night.

  • Speaking of specials, Sal’s also has nightly meal specials such as: Chicken Oscar, Prime Rib, Sicilian Stuffed Eggplant, Chicken and Sausage Cacciatore, and Ravioli Florentine. They also regularly have additional lunch and dinner specials on top of their dailies.

  • Head over to their Facebook page to keep up to date with all of the above specials. They regularly post pictures of their specials and will post about different events!

  • They have a free mobile app! Check it out in the App Store.