Up until recently, I really hated running. I thought it was boring and stupid and I really didn’t understand how people can just go do nothing but run for more than five minutes at a time. That was, until I found a running buddy to go with after work during the week, and a couple awesome routes to cruise on.

I used to run cross country in high school (only because my best friend begged me to join the team with her!), so I had our team’s old maps, and my buddy had some favorites of their own, so we put our two lists together to make one awesome “Places to Run” list, so here you go!

Sebring Road and Mudlick Hollow

sebring and mudlick

4.1 Miles

This run is not for the faint of heart. Hearing the words ‘Sebring and Mudlick’ just make me sore!

Sebring Road is literally two miles of straight uphill at a 90 degree angle. Okay, maybe not 90 degrees, but it sure does feel like it. It’s a straight shot up the hill until you hit Mudlick Hollow, which will be on your right – then it is smooth sailing from there!

The rest is all downhill but beware! Mudlick Hollow made our list of haunted places around the county. I guess if any ghosts are chasing you, you’ll just have to run a little faster!

Sebring Road is located on State Street in Vanport, just past the carwash. Park your car anywhere safe and lace up!

Bridgewater Park


.4 per loop

When I started typing Bridgewater Park, I thought to myself “easy peasy lemon squeezy,” to which I then thought, “Where in the heck did that phrase even come from and what the heck does it mean?” And if you’re wondering, it is slang from an old British soap commercial used to express that something was quickly and easily done.

And that perfectly describes the park loop in Bridgewater. At only .4 of a mile, you can go around a couple times for a workout that’s easy peasy lemon squeezy! Perfect for the days when you’re sore or just wanna make it light.

Brady’s Run Walking Trail


1 mile

This one also falls under the “easy” category. The walking trail down at Brady’s Run is awesome. It sits a little lower too so it’s always cool at night! Dogs seem to like this loop too – there are always cute pups exercising!

Brady’s Run Wooded Trails

If you’re feeling adventurous, check out the hiking trails that run through the park at Brady’s Run. Here is a map to see them all. I do love a good jog through the woods, but I can only speak on the purple one since that’s the only one that I’ve run. I’m sure they’re all a good workout, but the purple trail runs about 6.2 miles if you run to the end and turn around and run back. I usually end up turning around halfway through, but it’s a great trail if you’re up for a long run! Tip: Mentally prepare yourself for the beginning and be SUPER careful at the end. It’s a straight shot up a REALLY steep hill upon entrance. And coming back down that hill at the end is scarier than going up!

The entrance to Purple is right across the street from the Ice Rink. It also doubles as the second walking trail entrance.

Beaver Loop

beaver short

3 miles (4 if you include the cemetery!)

I like running in Beaver because there’s not a lot of traffic on the residential roads. We used to run this course in high school during cross country practice. While there are a few small grades, the loop is fairly flat and the home stretch on River Road is downhill which is nice for the end of a run! If you’re feeling up for it, add the cemetery in for an extra mile!

Park in the small lot at the end of Sassafras Lane (highlighted on map) right where it meets River Road. This lot is also where you will start. Once you start, run straight until you hit Corporation Street, and make the right onto it. Run straight until you hit Buffalo Street. At Buffalo Street, make the left. Then, run straight until you hit Third. You will be on the corner where the Sunoco Station is. CAREFULLY cross over Third Street and continue to head down Buffalo. If you’re up for it, this is where you can add the cemetery loop. If not, keep running straight down Buffalo towards the High School. Just before the high school, once you hit Fifth Street and Clark Park, make a right. Run straight until you hit Boquet Park and Beaver Street. Make the right onto Beaver Street and run until you hit Third again. You will be on the corner by Café Kolache and Citizens Bank. Again, carefully cross the street back to the you-know-what-side of Beaver and run straight until you hit River Road, where you will then make a right and you’re home free from there! ­

Hospital Run


5.5 miles

If you’re thinking this one is named the “Hospital Run” because you feel like you’ll need the hospital afterward, then you’re right! Six miles of pure torture! Okay, okay, it’s also because you run right past the Heritage Valley Hospital but seriously when I run this route, I for real consider running right into the ER and asking for an oxygen mask. This one is HARD.

Start at the Beaver High School Tennis Court parking lot and run straight up Gypsy Glenn until there is no more Gypsy Glenn. It’s almost three miles. When Gypsy Glenn meets Dutch Ridge Road, make a right onto Dutch Ridge and run for 2.5 miles until you get to the bottom of the hill! Make a right once you get to 7th Street and make your way back to your car.. if you didn’t stop at the hospital that is!

Center Loop


4.5 miles

I am from Center Township, so that’s primarily where I run. One lap around the Central Valley High School is exactly one half of a mile, so on hard days or days where I don’t feel like counting laps, I head on over to the school. But sometimes running in a circle is the hardest part of the workout, so I created my own loop around Center Township. Be careful though, there is a lot of traffic on these roads.

Start off at the front of Central Valley High School and head out towards Baker Road Extension. Poplar will be on your left. Turn down Poplar and run past Community College, all the way out to Center Grange Road. Here’s where we need to be extra careful for traffic. Turn left onto Center Grange Road and stay on the LEFT side of the road – you always want to be running against traffic. You’ll run past the Primary School and Police Station and keep going until you hit the intersection at Chapel Road. Turn right onto Chapel and continue to stay on the left side. Run down the hill, and back up the hill past St. Frances Cabrini Church until you reach Hall Road, which will be on your right. Be cautious when crossing Chapel to get onto Hall. Turn right onto Hall, and run straight until it hits Woodland Drive. Make a right and follow Woodland until you hit Center Grange again. Turn right onto Center Grange until you reach Poplar, where you will make a left back onto it. Here’s where the challenge is! Poplar one mile of straight hills and by this time, you are sure to be tired! Keep going until you hit Baker Road Extension again, which is another straight incline. Nothing like a huge hill to finish off a run. But the good news is, once you get to the top, you’re done!

High School Cross Country Trails

3.1 miles

If you live in a heavy-traffic area, or don’t like running in circles, call your local high school (or find a teenager who goes to school there) and ask them about their cross country course. Most courses have both grassy and paved surfaces, hills, flat ground, gravel roads, and usually a long stretch through the woods. Surely you won’t get bored running all of that!

Are there any places that you love to run? Leave your spots in the comments below!