We have something a little bit different for you today. This is the story of Rochester Smokehouse, told by the owners in their own words. 

It all started about 35 years ago, my fascination for food. I am what is considered a “foodie.” I love to cook and eat, so they go hand in hand. It started off cooking for myself as I moved out of the house and headed for Detroit in the mid-eighties to repair computers for a large company. Quickly, my fascination of food grew as I found so many different cultures in and around Detroit. I fell in love with middle eastern food from the town of Dearborn and the Lebanese community. Then I came across Greek Town in the heart of Detroit. Hamtramck is called Polish Town and my Polish roots grew fond of the great food I found in that city. I have always loved the diversity of different cultures and foods alike.

Then after moving back home to western Pennsylvania after four years in Michigan, I opened up Rochester TV & Radio in 1990. After all my education and degree is in electronics, and still today I am in business repairing consumer electronic products.

But my fascination for food and diverse culture has never changed.

What did change in my life six years ago is that I found Jesus Christ. I accepted Him as my Lord and Savior. My life had changed and so did my priorities. I quickly found a church, got discipled and water baptized. I began to serve the church in many ways, but loved the hospitality and fundraising aspects.

I feel in love with street ministry and began to go under the bridges of Pittsburgh every Friday night, rain or shine, for several years. Part of the plan to witness to the lost and get into their camps is to have hot food and soup, along with a sandwich and a listening ear.

So I began to cook for the homeless and really loved it. I felt at home under the bridges, with the poorest of poor. Praying for them, listening to them and yes, feeding them. From there I asked the Pastor if I could start up and  over see the fundraising committee. My first month we had a soup sell and raised over $2500 for missions.  So I signed up to go to Bolivia to cook for the orphans and the poor. Our Church had started another church in Bolivia and I wanted desperately to go. So off I went, I helped build the church during the day, and I cooked meals for the workers at dinner time.

Then after falling in love with my wife under the bridges of Pittsburgh, we decided to get married. We made our honeymoon a mission trip back to Bolivia. This time I was taking my bride and we were going to serve the poor and needy. But this time, I wasn’t going to build any church. I was going to cook all week long for 100 orphans and local workers. That, my friends, changed my life. I feel in love with cooking for people and showing the love of Christ. The trip humbled my wife and myself. I knew that touching people with food and showing the love of Christ was my calling.

That is what led to me starting Rochester Smokehouse & BBQ. My wife and my ministry is called “when two or more are gathered.” We show the love of Christ today by blessing multitudes of people with our food. We are just willing vessels, soldiers in the battle! It’s never about us, but about Him.

This year, like last year, we are blessing several families around Beaver County at Thanksgiving. We supply a whole smoked turkey with all the fixings, including delivery at no charge. We are partnered with several nonprofits throughout the year, blessing many with our food at no cost.

So if you haven’t heard about Rochester Smokehouse & BBQ , now you have. We invite you to try of wonderful products. Browse our Facebook page, read our reviews and look at the menu. Then with a step of faith, place an order and receive the blessing. God bless.