Founded in May 2016, Roaming Mouse Travel is a Beaver based travel agency which focuses on Disney destinations. Roaming Mouse Travel is owned by Francine and Matt Hogan, who run the agency in addition to their day jobs (Francine is also a 3rd grade teacher).

Earlier this year, Matt and Francine decided they needed a hobby, and if that hobby made a little extra money, all the better. Matt and Francine realized that they had been planning Disney vacations for years, as well as assisting friends with their own vacation planning. Starting up Roaming Mouse Travel as a fun side business became an obvious way to spread their knowledge and love of Disney travel.

Once they decided to start the agency, Matt and Francine had a lot of work to do. Though coming up with a good business name was priority number one. Matt and Francine have a six-year-old daughter named Romey, who herself is something of a Disney expert. Then when it comes to Disney we all know about the mouse. So they combined these two names, and thus Roaming Mouse Travel was born.

Despite being a relatively new travel agency, Roaming Mouse Travel is already finding great success in working with clients from Beaver County (and surrounding areas). Roaming Mouse Travel is a “boutique” travel agency, meaning that all clients get a customized travel planning experience with specifically curated planning to meet the individual client needs. There is never a “one-size-fits-all” Disney experience, and different travelers have different ideas as to what makes the most magical Disney Vacation. Matt and Francine are especially adept at working with clients who have young children, in addition to Romey, they have a three-year-old son Hudson.

Matt and Francine truly enjoy the planning process with each of their clients. A Disney vacation is a major undertaking, and can be very overwhelming for first time visitors. Matt and Francine take great care to meet with clients either on the phone or in person (sometimes multiple times) to answer questions and to provide a complete overview of what to expect during their Disney vacation.

Perhaps the best part of how Roaming Mouse Travel operates is that its services are absolutely free. Roaming Mouse Travel doesn’t charge any kind of “planning fee,” and never handles client money. All client payments are made directly to Disney, with Roaming Mouse Travel’s assistance. Clients receive the same pricing for their Disney vacations, as if they booked through Disney directly. Though by using Roaming Mouse Travel, Disney travelers get customized service and attention.

Roaming Mouse Travel also provides a great platform for Matt and Francine to share their own Disney travel experiences. Matt and Francine have created a fun online presence for their clients, friends, and Disney travel enthusiasts in general.   Roaming Mouse Travel has a blog (click here for the BLOG) and a Facebook Page (click here for Facebook) which Matt and Francine update regularly with fun Disney facts, Disney travel tips, and other fun stuff. Soon they will be welcoming guest bloggers who will share their own Disney experiences.

If you or anyone you know is interested in a Disney Vacation, you can click here for a free, no-obligation vacation planning consultation with Roaming Mouse Travel.

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