“Remember the wondrous works that he has done…”

Psalm 105:5

This was going to be a brilliant contribution to Your Beaver County. I read a good article on

Facebook earlier this week, and I decided to adapt it for your benefit.

Now I can’t find it — on Facebook or anywhere else. I can’t remember where it is.

So instead of that, let me offer you this wisdom: Remembering is a good thing. I am not

referring to recalling where you saw good articles or left useful objects. I am pondering the

value of remembering God’s wondrous works in your life.

If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, remember what God has done:

> He has given you life and all the blessings you enjoy.

> He has shown you that you are separated from Him because of your sin and that He has sent

Jesus to provide the reconciliation you need.

> He is making you into a new person with lasting joy and peace.

> He has provided you with the privilege of serving Him and others in His name.

> He has bandaged your wounds, comforted your sorrows, guided your ways, and even

helped you find many things you have lost.

> He has blessed you with the hope of eternity with Him.

Remembering is more than acknowledging information. It is the spiritual discipline of

regularly calling God’s grace to mind, rejoicing in it, and using this memory to fuel present

strength and future service. As you recall God’s past blessings, you gain courage to keep serving

Him with confidence in His care for you.

How do you do this? Use the Bible, prayer, good music, and faithful friends. If you are so

inclined, keep a journal of God’s wondrous deeds for you and yours.

We live in a culture with constant activity and mountains of information. Events enter our

lives and facts fill our minds. We forget the truths we ought to remember — not because our

memories are bad, but because our minds don’t return to the truths that set us free.

Maybe by next month I will remember where I saw the article that will allow me to display

my brilliance to you. But every day, I must remember.

Father, thank you for your countless gifts.

Give me the ability to consistently remember your grace and mercy in Jesus.