The League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania wants to hear your ideas about how to make Beaver County a leader in building a clean economy. They’ve assembled a great panel of local experts and hope you’ll join them Monday evening from 6 pm to 8:30 pm at First Presbyterian Church in Beaver (252 College Avenue, in the Commons Room) to talk green jobs, sustainable economic development, and the opportunities for small businesses in a clean economy.

The event is free and open to the public. A light dinner will be served, so they’re asking for RSVPs, here:

Terri Baumgardner of Aliquippa, who helped organize the event, said their goal is to “bring together people who value the stewardship of creation and the honoring of the 7th generation” and to “give voice to Beaver County residents who want a path to jobs that will also ensure a heal
thy and safe community for their children and grandchildren.”

The first of in a series of “regional visioning” sessions, Monday’s event will feature insights from local experts in sustainability and green job creation:

  • Mario Leone, Jr., Monaca Borough Manager, will speak about the award-winning green initiatives going on in Monaca;
  • Becky Kretschmann, founder and co-owner of Kretschmann’s Organic Farm, will speak about Sustainable Farming Practices and the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA);
  • Jim Price of Sustainable Pittsburgh, will discuss sustainable development and planning for Beaver County municipalities, as well as Sustainable Pittsburgh’s “Small Business Designation Program” which has engaged 60 businesses in Aliquippa, Ambridge, Beaver, Beaver Falls, Midland, Monaca, and New Brighton.
  • Lisa Graves-Marcucci of the Environmental Integrity Project will highlight the job-creating capacity of environmental protection.
  • Carl Davidson, who has worked with steelworkers in the Blue/Green Alliance, will discuss the need to balance the transition to a renewable economy with intense concerns and need for jobs and labor.
  • Hal Saville of Energy Independent Solutions Solar Installations will offer strategies for creating clean jobs and bringing solar to our communities.

Small group discussions will follow the panel, giving everyone an opportunity to brainstorm possibilities for a new vision of Beaver County’s future.

If you’re interested in shaping the conversation on regional economic development and renewable energy jobs, this is the place to be! Join the League of Women Voters, local sustainability entrepreneurs, and your neighbors to “Re-Imagine Beaver County.”

Erin Ninehouser loves photography for its ability to reveal truths and insights that are often too difficult to capture with words. She believes, as Garrison Keillor says through his troubled yet triumphant character Barbara in Pontoon, that “the only sermon that counts is the one formed by our actions.” A native of New Castle, Erin has made her home in Ambridge where she lives happily with her wonderful husband Dave, their three adorable and hilarious cats, and their “old gentleman” dog, Max. Erin is excited to help tell the stories of the people of Beaver County. You can see more of her work on Facebook and connect on Instagram or Twitter.