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One of the things that many realtors do that I don’t care for is talk about how much “potential” a certain home has. My opinion has always been that every home has “potential,” but I’m not going to pay for that up front. The cost for “potential” is the amount of money and time I have to put into a home in order to realize that “potential.”

With that in mind, I’m going to break my own rule here, because this home at 701 4th Street in Beaver is oozing with potential.

The Lowes Junkie Appeal

I’ve been in the process of remodeling my kitchen for three years now. It has been a long, frustrating, and expensive process, but the results have been more than impressive and we are pulling it off without taking on any debt whatsoever. My kitchen remodel has convinced me that my next house will have to be completely finished from the moment I sign my name at the closing table…….until I saw this house on 4th Street in Beaver.

Upon pulling up outside this home, my first thought was that this home has the potential to be absolutely stunning and it must have an awesome history behind it. All of a sudden, the Lowes Demons that I thought I had exercised showed back up and my mind started spinning with all of the things I could do with this house, which is basically a clean slate to work with.

This house has some great features like a beautiful entryway staircase, a cool attic space, and hardwood floors that are probably more than 100 years old. On the flip side, it appears that everything that needs work in this home is something that can be worked on without too much trouble.

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The Third Street Appeal

The major appeal of living in downtown Beaver is that it has one of the best collections of parks, shopping, and restaurants of any local community. This house is literally one block removed from the corner where Irvine Park (The Gazebo), Huntington Bank, and Heirloom Restaurant all meet. From there, you are in walking distance to all of the other local businesses.

As a writer, the appeal of living two blocks away from Starbucks and three blocks away from Cafe Kolache is obvious. As someone who also loves to eat good food for lunch, I also love the idea of being located next to some of my favorite spots like Heirloom, Mario’s, Yama, and Philly Originals. As someone who used to do a good bit of running, there is also the appeal of all of the sidewalks and park spaces in Beaver, not to mention Lloyd’s The Running Store.

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Close to the Schools

While I don’t have any kids of my own, I can still see the incredible appeal of being located near the schools in an outstanding school district. Families with small children will have both here as they are literally located NEXT DOOR to College Square and only a few blocks from Beaver Area High School.

Taking on a project of this magnitude is nothing to do on a whim, and anyone considering it should be very careful to properly evaluate what they are getting themselves into and seek the advice of licensed professionals. With that said, if you are ready, willing, and able to do the hard work, this home could be an absolute steal at $130,000 as most of the other homes in the area seem to price in the low $200s.

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