“I am the closing Pastor for the First Christian Church in Beaver Falls. As such, I’m coordinating and organizing the contents of this building. We are in the process of closing as a worshiping community. As a part of that, we have to liquidate our assets. This congregation was incorporated in 1886-87, and they bought the property here at the turn of the last century and built this structure. The congregation has been here for almost 140 years. Over the years we’ve seen some ups and downs but for the past 20-25 years we’ve really been struggling and we’ve realized with the departure of the last full-time minister that they had here, a little over a year ago, they could no longer be sustainable. So they made the hard decision, at that point, to start the process so we could end well; so we could honor the legacy of the saints who were here before us and to leave a legacy to go forward.”

Brianne Kovacs
Brianne is a freelance photographer in the Beaver County area. She attended Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School, which first sparked her interest in photography. She is now the co-owner of Weston & Kovacs Photography and also works for Lincoln Learning Solutions in Rochester. She is a resident of Beaver Falls and is involved in many community projects. You can see more of her work here.