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Josh Lemasters knows a thing or two about trees. He lives in Independence Township, not exactly a sprawling urban city center, but one filled with fields, trees and wildlife. Maybe that’s why Lemasters started a tree trimming business, and why he’s so good at it. Precision Tree Services is there for all of your tree needs. That includes tree removal, stump grinding, pruning, and land clearing.

Lemasters, who started this business as a hobby, has turned it into a full-fledged profession in just four years. “I’m targeting customers who need honest, reliable tree service,” he said. Lemasters added a typical week in the tree business consists of completing one to two jobs per day. He added, “I love the fact that I’m always in touch with nature, and am constantly in a different environment.”

Safety is one of the biggest, if not most important aspect of his job. Lemasters is out there with his team, cutting down trees that are usually very large and tall in size. “The key to being safe is having a team of skilled individuals, along with some pretty big equipment.” Needless to say, Lemasters is taking every necessary step possible to ensure maximum safety for not only himself and his team, but for his customers and their property, too. On any given job, he’ll use a skidsteer, wood chipper, bucket truck, and a chip truck.


Autumn is one of the busier times of the year for Lemasters. A lot trees, he said, need trimmed in the fall more than they need removed since fall and winter are dormant seasons for trees. And with an area like western Pennsylvania, that is teeming with trees, Lemasters has plenty of opportunities to continue to grow his business.

“I honestly love my job and I love Beaver County, the diversity of people and personalities. I love getting to learn more and more about people every day in this line of work.”

If you’re in need of tree services, Josh Lemasters can be reached at or at 724-622-5156. He can be found on the web at



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