“We have some great history [at the B.F. Jones Memorial Library] from President Kennedy’s visit to Aliquippa. He did a campaign whistle-stop in 1962 all through the Ohio Valley. [We have a photo] taken down on Franklin Avenue, down by what’s now Franklin Towers. This is the podium that he spoke at.

They tell us that [his speech] was on the back of a flat-bed truck. We have a button you can push and hear the speech that he gave that day. We also have a home movie that somebody took and had it made into a DVD.

Somebody called one day to ask if we take donations, and I thought we’d get a box of books — but they gave us this podium! It was donated about 3 years ago from the family of the president of the Steelworkers Union [at the time] who had it in their house.”

(Linda Helms, director of the B.F. Jones Memorial Library in Aliquippa talks about the incredible history contained within its walls.)

Erin Ninehouser loves photography for its ability to reveal truths and insights that are often too difficult to capture with words. She believes, as Garrison Keillor says through his troubled yet triumphant character Barbara in Pontoon, that “the only sermon that counts is the one formed by our actions.” A native of New Castle, Erin has made her home in Ambridge where she lives happily with her wonderful husband Dave, their three adorable and hilarious cats, and their “old gentleman” dog, Max. Erin is excited to help tell the stories of the people of Beaver County. You can see more of her work on Facebook and connect on Instagram or Twitter.