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For people that love ice cream, there are few better sources than the Berkey Creamery at Penn State University, Main Campus. Here, students and instructors from the College of Agricultural Sciences process around 4.5 million pounds of milk from their 225-cow herd into the best ice cream around. While they also make outstanding cheeses and other products, the Creamery is best known for their ice cream.

While you can drive to the Berkey Creamery to pick some up and even get it packed in dry ice to survive the trip, it’s not the most convenient option for Beaver County residents, as it’s around a 6 hour round trip.

Thankfully, Witch Flavor on the main street in Beaver has the rights to sell Creamery ice cream right here in Beaver County, no drive to Central PA required. With a variety of cones and an ice cream selection that’s hard to beat, Witch Flavor is an oasis in a world of frozen yogurt and sub-par ice cream that is all around today.

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About The Berkey Creamery

Located in State College, PA in Happy Valley, the Berkey Creamery serves two purposes:

On the surface, it’s a small grocery shop that focuses on dairy products like milk, cheese, and most importantly, ice cream. Underneath however, the Creamery supports the College of Agricultural Sciences and gives students the chance to take care of the cows involved as well as learn skills like cheese and ice cream production.

The Creamery makes around 100 flavors of ice cream as well as 10 frozen yogurt varieties. The Creamery itself usually has around 20 or so flavors available for cone serving. A full list of their flavors can be found here.

Witch Flavor Ice Cream

Penn State is very picky about their ice cream. They don’t distribute it and don’t ship it in bulk anywhere. So how can someone that loves the Creamery ice cream get some without driving a few hours? This was a question that “Head Witch” Lisa Ragazzini thought about often.

witch flavor cones

The solution? Open an ice cream shop that only serves ice cream from the Creamery. Don’t think of Witch Flavor as a remote location for the Creamery, but instead it’s just a shop that sells some pretty amazing ice cream.

Once a week they drive from Beaver to Penn State Main and pickup a load of flavors for the week. This means the flavors change weekly and even Witch Flavor isn’t certain what they’ll end up with. This idea plays into the name, since nobody knows which flavor they’ll get in next.

The deal they’ve set up with Penn State does come with a few stipulations. First, they must drive up and pick the ice cream up themselves, no shipping allowed. Next, they’re not allowed to mix ice cream flavors in either cones or to-go servings. By following these rules, the picky folks at the Creamery finally allowed their amazing ice cream to be served outside of their own shop.

Witch Flavor serves sixteen different flavors that vary daily. Each is fresh from Penn State and all of the flavors are possibly the best ice cream you’ve ever had. Crowd favorites are the Alumni Swirl, Peachy Paterno, Berkey Brickle, and of course vanilla, which is the Creamery’s most popular flavor.

When you stop into the shop, make sure to head to the register first. Unlike most shops, you order your cone and size first, pay, then pick out your flavors. Heading to the register first will help you not wait and you’ll look like you’ve been there before and know what’s going on, which is always a pretty great feeling.

witch flavor sprinkle cones

If ice cream cones are your thing, Witch Flavor is perfection. You can choose between cake cones and sugar cones that can be “bedazzled” with sprinkles and the like as well as waffle and my personal favorite, the pretzel cone. There’s even a munchkin cone for the younger ones as well as those of us trying to run a marathon.

You can get your ice cream in a cup, too. You can choose between regular, munchkin, or even the “pup cup” for our four legged friends.

More Than Ice Cream

While the ice cream at Witch Flavor is pretty amazing, there’s a lot more going on. First, you can get a milk shake made out of any flavor they offer as well as pints and quarts packed for you to take home.

INSIDER TIP: You can call Witch Flavor at 775-CONE to have your to-go ready when you get there so you just need to run in and run out, no waiting necessary!

Along with ice cream Witch Flavor offers cakes, too! You pick two flavors you like and they’ll even custom design the cake just for you. There’s other baked good available daily as well ranging from cupcakes to cookies and everything in between.

If you’re heading to Witch Flavor between October and March you can pick up some pretty amazing soup, too. There’s usually two soups on every day, and the style changes weekly.

Finally, Witch Flavor offers catering services to fit just about any size event as well as custom ice cream cakes. In short, this small shop does it all.

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Everything Else

Stop in and check out Witch Flavor during the week from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm and 11:00 am to 9:00 pm on Friday and Saturday. They’re closed Sundays so make sure you pick up some to-go while you’re there for the Sunday munchies.

Witch Flavor is no Baskin Robbins or Dairy Queen, but instead they are a true ice cream shop that features amazing treats served up at a quirky and independently owned business. Lisa and John opened Witch Flavor in Beaver to give us a taste of State College without the drive. The ice cream is amazing, the service is top-notch, and your money goes to an actual small business and not one of the big chains.

Check Witch Flavor out and remember, they’re open year-round for all of your ice cream needs. You can follow Witch Flavor on Twitter here and check them out on Facebook here. Social media is really the best way to find out “witch” flavor they’ve got on any specific day, so check them out before heading down.

Witch Flavor Ice Cream

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