The winds of change are coming to YBC. DO YOU FEEL THE WIND BLOWING?!?!  You will in a minute, after you read this.

The newsworthy newness is that Andy, the trusted owner and operator of YBC, has decided to retire indefinitely! We are very sad by this news. VERY sad! He will be back (although he might not think so), and Marc and I will be waiting. But in the interim, the new face of YBC is yours truly! Ana Beaverhausen, TC’n the B! To the non-Elvis fan, that means “Takin’ care of the business!”

What does this mean for you? Not much. You can still depend on us for the most reliable information about this County as we have always provided.  There will be much talk of delicious Beaver County food. There will also still be mucho grande information about what is new around you, or things that are so old, you might not know about. You just won’t see Andy’s name as often anymore.

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But seriously. Just know that it will be business as usual here, minus of course my ridiculous aversion to technology and change, and the fact that I really don’t know what I am doing.  Business as usual!

Talk to you all soon, my peeps!