243 Buffalo Street in Beaver

When I was a kid, my grandmother lived on the corner of Buffalo Street and Second Street in Beaver. I have a ton of fond memories of that house. We used to love going to the park down on River Road. I can remember walking to Kretchmar’s and the Beaver Library.

One of my less fond memories of that house was that pretty much everything in it smelled really old. I’ve never been accused of having a very dynamic sense of smell, but that house had a musty scent to it that I would not be all that interested in if I was looking to buy it.

243 Buffalo Street is just about four houses up from my grandmother’s old house, so I expected a certain nostalgic feel to pop up when I got there. Instead, I was overcome with one singular thought: This was not my grandmother’s house.

The Numbers

  • Asking Price: $192,000
  • Square Footage: 1,572 sq ft
  • Price/Sq Ft: $122.14
  • Lot Size: 5,663 sq ft
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 1.5

The Similar Feel

Looking through this house, the floor plan feels a lot like what I remember of my grandmother’s house. It’s actually quite similar to my current home as well.

One particular similarity that all three houses have in common is the brick fireplace that isn’t actually a fireplace. This must have been all the rage in the 1920’s because it seems like all of the old houses have them.

The Similarities End

Aside from the layout and the fake fireplace, this house is actually nothing like what I remember about my grandmother’s house. It doesn’t have the dated carpets and fixtures. It isn’t filled with tacky knick knacks in fancy display cases with built-in lights that never get turned on.

This is more like the beautiful finished product on one of those HGTV shows where they take an old house and update just about everything. The Property Brothers would be proud of this one.

The entire house is painted in a great neutral color with white painted trim. There is new carpet in the rooms where you would want carpet, and wood floors in the rooms where you would want wood floors.

The entire kitchen was obviously gutted and redone from scratch. The cabinets are gorgeous. The countertops are better than adequate, and the appliances are moderns. This is a far cry from the beat-up old stove my grandmother baked pizza in back in ’88.

The Thing About Beaver

Of course, when you buy a house in Beaver, you get more than just the house. You also get all of the benefits that come along with living in Beaver, particularly the ones associated with living close to the awesome amenities of downtown Beaver.

In addition to all of the great shops and restaurants just a few blocks away, there are also a number of different parks, great sidewalks to get you there, and of course…..River Road. Beaver is awesome. If you are a runner, those sidewalks are even more valuable!

As you can see, this house has a lot more to offer than a beautifully remodeled house would in just about any other town in Beaver County. Not only is this a great house that has been updated just how most people would like, it is also located in one of the best neighborhoods in all of Beaver County.

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