Italy is comprised of 20 regions. All 20 are extremely beautiful and unique in their own way. Can you name the region where Rome is? Probably not. It’s Lazio. Can you name the region where Venice is? Probably not. It’s the Veneto. But everyone has heard of Tuscany, home to the city of Florence. The rolling hills, the vineyards and wineries, and the Italian cypress trees that line long roads that lead up to farm estates. That is the vision that comes to mind when one thinks of Tuscany. Like most of the country, Tuscany is stunning in its own right.

This past summer, Robert Montini, the brother of Heirloom owner and executive chef Rich Montini, organized a tour of Italy along with his wife, Natalie, with a group of people from Aliquippa and the surrounding area. They had the opportunity to visit a winery, Tenuta Torciano, in Tuscany. Tenuta (which means estate in Italian) Torciano is located in San Gimignano, about 30 minutes from Florence. While there, they spoke with the owner about doing a wine and oil tasting back here in the United States. The owners of the estate, the Giachi family, visit America every year for wine tasting and classes. On November 16, they will be at Heirloom for a one-of-a-kind experience: wine and oil tasting, education, and delicious food from the Heirloom kitchen.

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This event promises to be a “can’t miss” opportunity. There will be a number of different wines on hand, specifically Tuscan reds. Most, if not all 20 regions in Italy produce wine. But the Tuscan vines are some of the most coveted on the planet. It is the Napa Valley of Italy, if you will. Besides the Tuscan reds, guests will also be able to taste one white and a dessert wine. And it doesn’t end there. Olive oil, pepper olive oil, truffle olive oil, along with balsamic vinegar – all produced on the Torciano property – will also be available for tasting.

This event just isn’t a wine and oil tasting. It will also offer guests to get a first-hand look at the winemaking process, from vine to bottle, straight from the experts. One of the topics that will be discussed at this event is how different grapes, along with pruning and planting methods, affect the quality and number of bottles of wine produced per acre of land. Did you know climate and soil influence flavors? That’s another reason why the Tuscan climate is optimal for grape growing. Tasting will include instructions from how to hold the glass properly to what to expect the wine to taste like.

To accompany the wine and oil, the menu includes Tuscan appetizers such as bread, salami (not the lunchmeat found in a supermarket), pecorino (cheese made from sheep’s milk), lasagna, and of course, biscotti.

Lastly, guests will be able to purchase wine and other products from Tenuta Torciano. They will be shipped directly from the vineyard to your home.

For tickets and more information, call Heirloom at 724-770-9062. Tickets are $50 per person or $90 per couple.

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