The end of 2015 and start of 2016 is here! January brings quiet relief from the chaos of the holidays, and time to focus on our list of New Year’s Resolutions and the clean slate of a new year.

One of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions is the decision to quit smoking. The number of smokers is on the decline (yay!), but the CDC still reported about 40 million smokers in 2014. It’s an incredibly difficult vice to break, but it can be done. I did it. And you can, too.

My Personal Story

I’m old enough to remember that during my childhood, most adults smoked. This included not only my family – just about every public building had a grey haze in the air and an ash tray on the counter. As a typical high school kid, I tried cigarettes once or twice in an attempt to be “cool” (by the way, that was the wrong approach).

By my late teens, I was hanging out with the country-lovin’, mud-boggin’, lifted-truck-on-35’s kind of crowd. My friends were smokers, and soon, Marlboro had its grip on me. That was the beginning of over a decade of battling with expensive, stinky, nasty cancer sticks that had a strong enough hold on my mind to make me stand outside in sub-zero temperatures just to get my fix. Insanity!

The Struggle is Real

I tried everything to put down the pack. Nicotine patches hurt my skin. Nicotine gum didn’t help. And Heaven help you if you had to deal with me during a “quit cold turkey” episode.

The biggest obstacle for me wasn’t the nicotine alone; it was the fact that none of these replacements were able to mimic the feeling of taking a drag from a cigarette. When I found my solution, I knew I’d never go back.

Finally, in March of this year, I butted out my last cigarette, and – right hand up, pinkie-swear – I have not touched a cigarette since that day. Not one.

The Quitter-Winner: Vaping

You may be wondering what on earth I’m talking about. Let me help:

Vaping in a nutshell: a combustion-free nicotine delivery system. The “e-juice” consists of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavoring, and +/- liquid nicotine in varying doses from 0 mg to 24 mg per mL.

The e-cigarette is simple. I read just several cool ecig reviews. A battery heats a coil. A cotton wick surrounds the coil and draws in the e-juice, turning it into water vapor that is inhaled, and creates a cloud as it is exhaled.


[DISCLAIMER]: Let me be clear that I don’t condone use of these, or any other tobacco-related products by underage people, or even non-smokers. Nor am I claiming that the use of e-cigarettes is risk-free. I acknowledge that there is limited (and sometimes biased) research on both sides of the argument. The information in this article is based on my own personal experience and opinion.

If you’re an adult that is looking for an alternative to cigarettes, I can tell you that this worked for me, and I’ve seen it work for several other friends and family members. I encourage you to do your homework and weigh the pros and cons to decide if it’s right for you.

Where To Start?

Tons of online vaping stores like Grey Haze are available, but if you’re new to vaping (or are a try-before-you-buy kinda person), there are experts right here in Beaver County that can help guide you.

These are my two favorite local shops, staffed by knowledgeable, patient people that learned the ropes about mods and coils and PG/VG ratios. They’re awesome about helping you find the setup and the e-juice that’s best suited for you!


Tobacco 4 Less

  • 2719 Brodhead Rd, Aliquippa PA (724) 788-1398
  • (Aliquippa Shopping Center, by Wendy’s)

Aliquippa is quite a haul for me, but I have made the drive a few times to restock my supplies. On my last visit, I was able to spend some time with the owner, Derek Belcastro. He gave me a tour of the store, and some background information – but what really struck me was his dedication to helping people break the smoking habit and improve their health.

He acknowledged that while they do sell traditional cigarettes (“analogs”, as vapers call them), many customers will come in for a pack of cigarettes, and ask about the e-cigarette products displayed next to them. Next thing you know, they’ve made the switch.

Tobacco 4 Less offers a wide range of e-cigarettes, mods, accessories, and e-juice. If you’re indecisive like me, you’ll appreciate the option to stop in and sit at the tasting bar to try different flavors of premium e-juices.


Vape With It

  • 909 Merchant St, Ambridge PA (724) 266-7655

(Vape With It has two locations: a kiosk at the Beaver Valley Mall (near Dick’s & GNC), and a location within Roll With It in Ambridge)

I was beside myself with excitement when I noticed a vape store at the mall this spring!  I haven’t been to the Ambridge location, but the variety of e-cigarette products and accessories that are packed into the kiosk at the mall is amazing! The employees are always engaging, and offer suggestions on everything from flavor selection to choosing the right mod/tank/coil combination to fit your preferences.

If your New Year’s Resolution is to say goodbye to smelling like an ashtray and shelling out $7 a day on Big Tobacco, get your BUTT out to one of our Beaver County vape shops and be a quitter!

Ella Parker
BC born & raised, Ella spent her childhood playing in the woods, and her teens exploring them on horseback. These days, when she’s not on duty as a vet tech, she is busy staying active with her beau and their young son.

She is forever curious and has a playful personality, but is also fiercely driven and dedicated to her passions!