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“I have many joys in my life. Many things that keep me busy. But my favorite is probably guitar. It has been a large part of my life fore a long while. I started at a young age, just fooling around and teaching myself simple things. My family is a music family. The passion has passed through generations…so much so that most of us have made it into a career, or are in the process of doing so…including myself. I am currently giving lessons. I hope to share and spread my love for art…even if it is only to a few people here in Beaver.”

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Larissa was born in California, but moved to Beaver County when she was very young. Her entire family lives on pretty much the same block, and that is one of the reasons she loves Beaver County. In her free time, she enjoys tennis, reading, crafting, and of courseā€¦.photography. She believes that everyone is unique and is excited to share her work.