I wasn’t due to write another real estate article for at least a few weeks, but as soon as I stumbled onto this recent listing I knew I had to get it published quickly because this deal is simply too good to last very long in Center Township.

Mrs. YBC and I often go back and forth on whether or not we want to live in a neighborhood or not. We love the idea of living in Center or Beaver, but we’re also not thrilled about how close together the houses are in many of the most popular neighborhoods.

This home is the perfect hybrid. It’s located on Todd Lane, right in the heart of Center Township. But it sits up on a hill with three quarters of an acre of land keeping those neighbors just far enough away for us.

For $285,000 we both think it’s a deal. And if we hadn’t purchased another rental earlier this year, we’d be all over this one.


You see, it’s not just that it’s a big house on a big lot in a great school district. It’s also been updated and taken care of by someone that was obviously focused on doing everything the right way.

This kitchen is exactly what Mrs. YBC is all about.


This really is the perfect Center Township house. It’s the kind of house I grew up in. And it’s the kind of house I could see myself hosting friends and family in. It’s big enough to spread out, but not too big to furnish.


Then there is this awesome sun room off of the back of the house. I love sitting out on the deck as much as the next guy, but the older I get, the more I can’t stand those bugs. This would be a perfect solution to that.


There’s also this amazing back yard. I know two little puggle gentlemen that would have a blast exploring all of the smells back here!

This is one of those houses that has always been on the YBC family’s short list of possible options. But the timing isn’t right for us to make a move right now….so our loss is your gain.

If you’d like to make an appointment to see it for yourself, fill out the information below and one of our partner agents will contact you to set something up!