“I love to do the bell. I love to do it to help people out. I know what it’s like because I’m a little bit disadvantaged myself and I’m for disadvantaged people and people who don’t really, you know, some people it’s hard for them in life. It took me a long time to realize that people aren’t all the same. I look at it to help people out and I enjoy it. And I love to help people. I’ve been involved in this since 2001 and the people the are really good to me, the Captain and his wife, they’re all good people and I enjoy doing it.”

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Amanda Bradley
Amanda is a stay at home mom currently living in Vanport Twp. She moved to the area in 2007 from Grand Rapids, MI with her husband. She has always loved photography and has started looking at it in a more serious way over the last few years. She’s done some work for the Beaver County Times, a few portraits and weddings for friends, and is currently looking into starting my own real estate photography business. Outside of photography, she is a Girl Scouts troop leader and an active member of the College Square Elementary PTA.