I keep saying that I am going to feature more “reasonable” houses. As in, houses that I might actually be able to afford. This is not one of those. At least not yet. Well….I guess we’ll see. The day Shell offers me a milli for YBC, I’m going to sell out, and this is what I would probably buy.

Located on Edgewater Drive, just a little way from Todd Lane Elementary School in Center Township, this 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom houses is absolutely stunning. The listing agent’s description refers to it a “Little Nemacolin” and I am guessing that has something to do with this place feeling more like a resort than a house.


I’m not joking about the resort part. What other house in Center Township do you know of that has a freaking bridge as part of its driveway. How cool is that?


That bridge is just the start of the coolness this house brings to the table. This fabulous entryway is enough to make your jaw drop.


Then there is the living room. Look at all of those windows. Stunning.


At first glance, the kitchen is pretty sweet too. But then take a second look over there on the left. Yep. That’s a mini bar setup. Actually, it’s not even all that mini. That’s a bar setup…with a beer tap right in the countertop. That means you could invite the Beaverhausens to a party without worrying about running out of booze!


I’ll be honest, I don’t even know what this piano room even is…but look at that amazing painting on the ceiling. Unreal.


And then there is this. Yeah. My dream office. All wood. Tons of book shelves. A fireplace. Big windows letting in tons of light. Wow.


Last stop for us is the master bathroom, which has another fireplace. If you have a thing for fireplaces, this is definitely the place for you!

Alright, so at a listing price of $990,000, Little Nemacolin isn’t going to be affordable for 99% of Beaver County residents. But if you are in that 1% that can cough up a mortgage like that, this place is perfect.

See it for Yourself

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