The article is sponsored by our good friend Jesse Wisinski from The Wiz Design. We never hesitate to recommend Jesse for any type of graphic or web design project because he brings elite level talent for a more than reasonable cost.

In case you haven’t noticed, YBC recently started using a brand new logo. That new logo is the fantastic work of awesome designer and Beaver County resident Jesse Wisinski.

I’ve known Jesse was a talented dude for a long time. He did some solid work for me creating a big sandwich image for Bowser’s Restaurant a few years back that I was really happy with.

But after the way he knocked it out of the park on this YBC logo, I wanted to get a little glimpse into how he was able to create exactly what I wanted without me being able to explain what it was that I was looking for.

Extensive Experience & Education

One of the reasons that Jesse is so good at what he does is that design is not just a hobby for him. It’s what he went to school for, it’s what he does from 9 to 5, and it’s what he does for fun on nights and weekends.

Since graduating from the Art Institute, Jesse has worked with big-time brands like Giant Eagle, American Eagle Outfitters, and PPG. He currently works for PPG full time, but also enjoys spending his nights and weekends working with local freelance clients on anything from basic logos to full website designs.

With the amount of education and experience Jesse has logged in the design world, there is nothing he can’t do when it comes to just about any visual project.

Working with The Wiz

I’ve never been very good at working with designers.

When I asked Jesse about working on the YBC logo, I believe I started with something along the lines of, “dude…I need a really sweet logo. But I don’t have a clue what it should look like. Maybe a circle?”

This is what “The Wiz” came back with:


Somehow, Jesse had the ability to really grasp what I was looking for despite the fact that I actually had no clue myself.

From his perspective, he says that he just felt like that older, hand-drawn look was something that fit with the brand we have created. I totally agree. He nailed it.

Comprehensive Web Design

While logo and graphics projects like what he did for me are fun, what Jesse really enjoys is website design.

Not only does he have the ability to design a completely custom look for your website, he has the chops to bring it to life for you. And after that is done, he also has a lot to say about optimizing your site to be found by local search engines.

Local search is huge for YBC, and Jesse has already given me some really insightful advice on how we can better optimize ourselves to be found by local residents.

Reasonable Pricing

One of the things that I’ve always liked about Jesse is that he doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to pricing. He likes to have an open conversation with clients about their budget and then provides some options that he can accomplish in that price range.

You just have to let him know what you are looking to spend and he will break down what he can do. Then you can make the decision if that works for you, or if you need to increase your budget.

With first-class artistic talent, extensive experience, and prices that I have always found to be more than fair, working with “The Wiz” is always an absolute pleasure. If you are looking for someone to build your next website from the ground up, this is the guy that you want to talk to.

If you would like to know more about working with Jesse, his online portfolio is a great place to start.

Contact Jesse for a Quote

One of the best things about working with Jesse is that he will be able to give you a ballpark on what your project might cost before you have to commit to anything. nnJust sent him a little background about what you are looking for and he'll get back to you with more information!
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