Countless stores and eateries have come and gone from the Hopewell Shopping Center, but J.W. Hall’s Steak and Seafood Inn has been a mainstay for more than 30 years.

In my opinion, two simple words explain their success: lobster kettle.

These sweet, bite-size pieces of langostino lobster are precisely the reason that I ended up at J.W. Hall’s to celebrate the 65th wedding anniversary of my grandparents. Lobster kettle was all that my grandmother wanted and after several decades together, my grandfather knew better than to deny the lady her lobster.

As I looked at the three generations of family stretched across the enormous table, I couldn’t help but think that we had picked the perfect restaurant. The atmosphere is comfortable enough for a spontaneous weekday dinner but nice enough for a special occasion.

JWHallsLobsterKettle (2)

Breaking Down the Perfect Meal

We devoured plenty of warm, fresh bread and multiple orders of fried provolone cheese and fried zucchini while waiting for our meals. Don’t get me started on those cheese wheels – they are crispy and gooey perfection.

We also put a measurable dent in the endless salad bar. I love the massive cheddar cheese wheel that has been a staple of the Hall’s salad bar for as long as I can remember.

Did I mention that there were about 16 of us? Our server probably felt like she was running a marathon between appetizers and drink refills but she took great care of us.

One of the perks of dining with so many family members, aside from their lovely company, is that you get a firsthand look at a variety of menu items. My goal is always to snag a bite of whatever a neighboring family member is noshing on before they finish it!

The seafood linguini, served with an amazing Cajun white wine sauce, got glowing reviews from several family members. I thoroughly enjoyed the blackened tilapia, which was perfectly seasoned.

Don’t Forget the Desert

We brought anniversary cake with us to finish out the meal. This was a delight and a dilemma.

I have never been known to turn down a slice of cake, but I was slightly disappointed that I wouldn’t get my hands on any of Hall’s homemade desserts. I recommend the pecan ball. Or a gargantuan slice of pie. The cheesecake is great, too. Actually, try them all and thank me later.

Attentive Service

I have dined here many times and can honestly say that I have always had great service. A year ago, the manager went out of her way to help me surprise two friends by picking up the check for their anniversary dinner.

The friendly and attentive staff is one reason we always return to J.W. Hall’s and this experience was no different.

Toward the end of our evening, a manger came over to our table and snapped a picture of my grandparents. They looked adorable together, of course. She returned a few minutes later and handed them a printout of the picture.

These simple yet thoughtful touches – and those darn langostino – make J.W. Hall’s a great dinner destination.

Alison is a nonprofit communicator, grad student, and lifelong Beaver Countian. She enjoys kayaking, baking, and exploring new places. She dabbles in gardening and DIY projects. Alison resides in Center Township with her husband and two mischievous miniature schnauzers. She’s trying to be the kind of person her dogs think she is. You can follow her adventures on Instagram.